Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Review: Hacudei Palau White Clay Facial Soap

HACUDEI is a natural cosmetic brand which products are made from the miracle of nature.

Hacudei Palau White Clay Facial Soap is a unique and exclusive White Clay Soap made from the wonder of the sea. Hacudei White Clay Soap is made from the white clay that is deposited at the bottom of Milky Way of Palau.

This natural cosmetic is free from artiļ¬cial colouring and fragrance and rich in natural inerals, papaya fruit extract, hibiscus essence and other botanical ingredients to soften, smoothen and beautify the skin.

Other than this, there are careful steps taken to ensure that it is safe to use on our face!

The set comes with the white clay soap, foaming net and also small spatula:

Grabbed a small amount from the tub and then the foaming begins hehe!

Sorry bad lighting, I look damn dull here LOL. But main point is the fine foam made from the foaming net! So fluffy and it leaves a clean feeling after rinsing it off!

Hacudei Palau White Clay can be found in Watson, ALT and Mount Alvernia Pharmacy at $29.90!

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