Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thailand - Songkran Festival (13 - 16 April)

I’m finally back (without any sponsored ads hehe) and promise to do a proper entry for this one!

I just went back Thailand in April to visit my relatives for Songkran (water festival aka Thai New Year which happens every April 13) When I was young, I did not have the chance to visit during songkran because our holidays are only in June or December. So when I graduated from Poly last year, I quickly arranged with my family for a trip back! And this year I went again =)

I think everyone should try visiting Thailand during Songkran, their celebration is really awesome. Afterall, it’s the country’s most flamboyant holiday! I figured I should do a post on what to expect/prepare if you’re going to Thailand for Songkran, so here goes =)

Ok, songkran sounds interesting. When is it?

From 12th to 16th April, you will find Bangkok’s street strange – less traffic because everyone are heading back to their hometown provinces to celebrate this festival. From 13th April, the first day of Songkran, the streets will be filled with famed water fights and road parties haha.

Please do not expect most offices, banks, shops or restaurant to be open although there will be some shops along tourist area which will remain open for travellers who flock to Thailand for their wild and wet festival.

1. Put your phone and notes in waterproof bag.
Trust me, you’ll be drenched to the bone. No mercy is given when it comes to splashing of water – especially if you’re a tourist. I’ve seen how the Thais went all out to splash the tourist and they tend to be friendlier to their own hahaha

If you travel few days prior to Songkran period, you will see the streets selling small waterproof bags for around 100B (I think) which are really useful. Get that. For me, I usually get SIM card when I land, so the nice people selling the SIM card there passed it to me for free!

2. Put on your sunglasses and keep your mouth closed
Do this if you don’t want water getting into your eyes, or drink a questionably amount of clean water. I hate it when I wanna start a water war but the annoying kid keeps spraying water into my eyes then I end up getting wet from head to toe with his water gun and I can't have my revenge because half the time I can't keep my eyes open with the water haha

3. For WOMEN: Please put on dark clothes
Keep your modesty intact so when you get drenched and will not find that your clothes are transparent.
I was out with my Thai cousin to get some groceries on the last day of Songkran and we kinda forget there are still some kids who are excitedly waiting for their victim. On our way out on the bike, we saw a group of kids with pail and…..SPLASH, I was drenched and super cold as we rode against the wind. Then my cousin told me that she could see my panty colour showing thru the pants =( So, lesson learnt.  No light coloured clothing. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

4. For MEN: Lay low
Other than their cheap clothes and tasty food, Thailand is also famous for having lady boys – which are Thai – which will be joining in for Songkran – which love to touch guys.

 My brother was their victim. What happened was that we were on the back of a pickup truck together with the kids, and my Thai aunt was driving us along the streets of water war. Cars/motorbikes/vans are supposed to stop or slow down for them to splash water onto us. So our car slowed down and we began splashing water against the people on the streets, one of the lady boy walked towards our car and groped by brother in his balls HAHAHAHA. After this incident, he always sit down to protect himself. So yeah, LAY LOW. Balls on the ground yo.

5. The last point – don’t be an easy target
Carry a big water gun to fight back! There are water points everywhere so you could load your water gun whenever you are running low.

1. Please DO NOT splash water on monks, babies and elderly people.
BIG NO-NO. It is disrespectful and also unsafe.

 2. Most cars and motorbikes will slow down or stop for you to splash , but if they do not, don’t splash onto them as it might cause traffic accident. Everyone wants to have fun but do stay safe at the same time!

 3. Play nice – If you see people who are dining at open areas, do not splash water at them.

Now that you’re prepared, get ready to laugh and have loads of fun!

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