Thursday, May 22, 2014

21 and Graduated

Hi there! Am feeling reeeeally guilty because my recent post have been filled with reviews instead of updates. But then again, not sure if anyone is keen on reading up what I've been doing right haha.

I wanna share a story. This is gonna be a long entry.

You see, I have a very close relationship with my dad. I love him truckloads. Along the way, I had my rebellious times and hurt him many times...he was mad, but forgave me (after giving me very harsh punishments lol). Last year, I turned 21 and threw myself a party using my own hard-earned money and I didn't invite him because we fought.

Then I realize I wasn't happy. I had friends filled in the room wishing me well-wishes, I had nicely decorated place with my favorite helium balloons, expensive gifts, handmade gifts which I truly appreciate.....I felt happy but somehow I didn't feel the joy I'm supposed to feel. And why?

The person who taught me to be who I am wasn't there.

What was I really celebrating then, when the person who loved me the most and taught me how to become a better person through these 20 years wasn't present?

I took down my pride and ego. I apologized to my dad, even when the reason we fought was because he was in the wrong haha. Then I made a promise to myself. My dad was not there the day I turned 21, so I want him to be there my entire year of being 21. To me, being 21 doesn't means getting gold key necklaces or whatnot. It means you're supposed to enter adulthood where you become a sensible, independent person.

I think I am doing pretty well and independent for someone at my age. Earning a decent income to support myself - I pay my own bills/travel expenses/food/studies. In short, I stopped taking money from my parents and in fact I even give my dad part of my income whenever I can.

I'm very stubborn when it comes to this kinda thing, like once I've decided to be independent, it's all the way. When I just graduated, I have no savings at all. Probably max $200 in my account?? And even when I was down w my last $50 I refused to ask my parents for money. This one must thank JR cos he always support me unconditionally when I was drained financially hehe thanks baby! With some help from JR, I looked for jobs and career opportunity.

First job, bad job. I love events, and knew it was my thing when I was part of the committee which plan and organize events/gatherings/camp etc back in poly days. So I ventured into events industry. I was lucky to be employed without any real experience, and loved my job for about a month before I realized the horror in there.

Ok, here's what I was offered and did in my ex-company:

I was offered $1,700 and additional $150 after probation. I know fresh grad usually gets about $1,800 above? But I had zero experience. And here I am talking about society working experience. And no, having work part-time here and there + spending 2 to 6 months internship doesn't means you have experience. Most of the times it only means you have seen things get done, you have no idea how it is done. All that you experienced prior to graduation are tip of the iceberg. When you really stepped out and join the working society, you'll realize the "experience" you always thought you had is nothing. Believe me, I was there.

Back to topic. I was offered $1,700 and had the opportunity to work with reputable brands. Colleagues were nice people, even there was politics which I try as much as possible not to be in. Horror came when my efforts were took for granted. I was no ok was the way how HR was unappreciative of my efforts, and how one colleague tried to create shit by reporting every single thing to my ex-boss.

I believe I had the capability to grow in event industry, but not with these type of people. And I wasn't afraid because I know I really worked hard and had reasons for what I did. Whatever the HR did, maybe she just wanted to follow company policy in order not to get herself in trouble, I don't know. But I could forgive her. Afterall, when I tendered, she had a talk with me and even broke down when 3 other colleagues left together with me.

But what one of my colleague did was really outrageous. I forgive him though, he had a small heart and an airhead. One of the dumb thing he did was to snap a picture of me with another male colleague having lunch together then sent over to my ex-boss claiming that we had "something on". The best part? My ex-boss believed -.- I will never forget what he told me: "Please work individually from now onwards." Wow, ever heard of events planner working ON HER OWN? So I am not allowed to brainstorm for ideas or have any discussion with my team anymore. I don't know how, but surprisingly my ex-boss managed to run his business for this long.

Then I decided to leave. There was no point for me to work so hard when my efforts go unappreciated. Well, at least at one of the major event I handled, the client came personally to thank me for all the hard work for past 3 days. That was the one of the few good memories my ex-company left me with. And what, I was only paid $1,700 for all these bullshits?! Thanks but no thanks.

Had a talk with my HR and ex-boss, which they tried to convince me to stay but I refused. I was unhappy, so was my 3 other colleagues so......we abit childish lah, tender together and left the company on the same day happily. After that we went to celebrate HAHAHAHA.

I have no idea how talking about my dad lead to me telling story about my ex-company, but yeah.

Note to self and everyone else: When your efforts go unappreciated, leave. 

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