Monday, April 21, 2014

Review: I love Yo! Yoghurt Cleanser

Hello yellow you fellows hehe! 

Today I'm here to share a new product yay! And as you have already seen from my title.....yoghurt!! But wait, I'm not reviewing on food! I love Yo! Yogurt Cleanser is a new make up remover which can do wonders:

  • All-in-one makeup remover and cleanser
  • In just 1 minute, it completely cleanses and removes all face and eye makeup.

  • Instantly removes all kinds of heavy makeup, including Mascara, Eyeliner, BB Cream, Sun Block and waterproof cosmetics.

  • It contains no alcohol, antiseptic or Petro-chemical!

    So of course I had to try it out right, read on to see how I find it :) 

    It comes with a spatula, very convenient and hygenic so we won't have people digging their fingers into the tub LOL

    MAKEUP ON and here we go to remove it with the new I love yo! Yoghurt cleanser 

    Dug out a generous amount and almost ate it hahaha kidding - and I applied to my face accordingly. I love how it isn't too watery or too gel-like.

    And yes, completed face hahaha wash it off with water and makeup is all gone like that!

    Effective, efficient and natural! I love Yo! Yoghurt Cleanser can be found at all Guardian Stores in the month of April, so quickly head down to ur nearest stores to get it now!

    You could also get the sample from Sample Store for free! Simply click on the link and get your hands on it too ;)

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