Thursday, February 6, 2014

Positive thinking

Just purchased The Secret on amazon and downloaded to my Kindle. I read an abstract from one of the modules I took while I was in NP and was really drawn to it, so yeah I bought it LOL.

Somehow I feel a little pathetic, that someone like me need to seek solace from a book written by someone who doesn't even know I exist. Bah, anyway I know I'm not alone. Statistic shown the top selling book on shelves in Singapore are self-help books - those that boost your esteem, make you happier etc. Are we really unhappy and struggling with our lives?

I think life is simpler than we tend to think. We look for answers and more answers. But there are no answers. Things happen in life, good things and bad. People say, 'why did it happen to me?' Well, why not? Some people win the lottery, and others die in a car crash. It happens.

Life happens and it doesn't owe you any explanations. Embrace it with positive thinking, a tool so powerful if you accept it and use it right.

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