Monday, February 17, 2014

Dad issue

Hello! Back for a short one here hahha. 

I'm turning 22 this year and I still have a dad who treat me like I'm 12. 

Today he forbade me to leave the house unless I clean my room. Which I did, like shifted my pile of clothes underneath the carpet, magic-cleaned the floor briefly cos I was too lazy to mop it. 

When I was finally done, I bidded him goodbye only to be called back. 

Dad: "Have you cleaned your room?"
Me: "Yeah yeah I did. It's clean now, go have a look." 
-went to check out but doubting bcos I took less than an hour to clean- 
Dad: "I'll let you out after you lick the floor" 

Wtf. My dad. He claimed if my room was clean enough, I wouldn't hesitate to lick it at all.

Father for exchange, anyone?

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