Tuesday, January 28, 2014

University life

Oh hi there, I'm back! HAHAHA.

So, you probably know by now that I've enrolled myself into uniSIM, which is a local university that actually accepts students like me who doesn't have sky high GPA.

Just to explain a little more because everyone tends to get confused when I say SIM. Ok so SIM aka Singapore Institute of Management, issues its own degree locally via uniSIM (which I am in), but they also offer their facilities for other overseas university (RMIT, UOL, UB etc.) to conduct lessons because these schools does not have their own building in Singapore.

Ok so it've been like 2 weeks since school started and I can only say it isn't what I expected at all HAHAHAH loser max, I have not made a single friend. That, and lecturers speak at the speed of light with their profound English esp when I'm in communication course, they all use big words =(

Like in poly, my lecturers will be like "I have a dog and I love it. Can't understand why some people hate it" - straightforward and you get the point.

But in uni, using the same sentence as an example, the lecturers will be like "In the place I reside, there is one loyal brown creature with countable white spots which greets me whenever I return to the place I call home. I have immerse positive feeling for it and why some humans detest it is totally beyond me."

Yup, no kidding I swear that happen every single lecture and is the summary of my uni life thus far.

Can you imagine 3 years later when I graduate and I speak like that? I can't either.

It give me creeps down my spine just by the mere thought of it , unimaginable fear overcomes me. I reckon it will take away every ounce of energy left in my body when it happens and leave me with nothing and nothing at all.

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