Friday, December 27, 2013

Review: Itoh Collagen Powder

Today I am going to share something good again, yay!

Received a box of collagen powder and the moment I opened the box, I made a drink to try it out hahahah #overexcited

Itoh Collagen Powder is manufactured and imported from Japan - the land of beautiful skin and what's more, it is endorsed by Kevin, Taiwan Beauty Guru of the hot show - 女人我最大

I think this is super helpful to those who are not familiar with how collagen can benefit our skin. And with Itoh which has low Molecular powder which enhances the absorption of collagen it can capture all the benefits that collagen contributes!

Last night when I came home late from work, I opened a sachet and drink it with milk. It's amazing how it is tasteless like I didn't add anything to my milk at all (I really did double check to see if I really emptied the sachet) HAHAHAHA

Color-less, Tasteless, Non-Sugar, Non-fat Collagen Powder - TRIED AND PASSED!

Using my dad's chopstick to stir madly cos it doesn't really dissolve well in cold milk - and hoping some of the collagen might stay on my dad's chopstick so he could get like maybe 2% of the benefit cos old people skin sag at at the speed of light I am just doing him a small favor LOL

Drinking it up~ Come on 3000mg of collagen, come to mummy and make me beautiful HAHAHAA and yeah, a small sachet contains 3000mg of collagen! 

Look at some of the examples of what you could mix it! Easily blend into your daily meal, you get your tummy filled with your favourite food and also collagen added yay win-win!

Then this morning I brought a sachet to office and tried it with tea which I always drink at my desk.

I personally like it better with hot drink because it dissolve really fast! And I need to emphasize again on how I love it doesn't add any funny taste to my drink at all. Seriously y'all have to try it for yourself to believe it.

This box is retailing at $49.90 @ Guardian Store and can last you for about half a month. Depending on individual, results may vary. But usually it takes only 1-2 weeks to see the wonderful effects! I just started not too long ago, but am so excited to see the outcome.

Till then, let me know if you guys tried and love it!

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