Sunday, December 15, 2013

Review: Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water

Hi there! I'm back with good things to share hehe! Am so excited to review this product because I feel that my terrible skin-face condition finally sees a hope HAHAHAHA.

Received the Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water in my letterbox few weeks before and I am soooo glad and awed by the results!

Here are the benefits:

Was quite skeptical at first, I mean do you really expect me to believe this one bottle could be used for my hair, face and body?! Got so good one meh........I still don't have the answer to that. I only tried on my face because that's the only thing I'm desperately trying to save HAHAHAHA

I've tried countless of products that promises "refined pores", "brighten skin", ""reduce redness" etc. Some products I tried did work, but probably only for few hours. This, my friend, last me the entire day! Well, not really haha but it did keep my skin better till I am back home!

I like how it comes in many sizes, my fav one is the 25ml which is so small and handy! I bring out with me all the time. 

Here's a before:

Damn terrible mo peng face I know :(

And after! Like after a long day: 
Skin definitely looks smoother and pores just vanished! Me like! Even my bf was amazed :D

Yay thank you bio essence for sending this bottle of miracle to me! I love it so much and now I can take pretty pictures straight from my camera without having to filter away my bad skin condition! 

Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water can be found at our local drugstore - Watsons, guardian etc. So convenient! Be sure to try it out for yourself :)

Love this bottle so much,

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