Sunday, September 8, 2013

My first Brazilian waxing experience

You might be getting excited to read on after seeing my blog title right? LOL. 

I went for Brazilian waxing last week.....just because. I did my research before going and read all the horror stories from people who went, and regretted. I mean what better to traumatize myself before heading down right LOL I know that was a dumb move.

Look at the design they are able to do for you HAHAHHA I am impressed. 

I went ahead and visited STRIP. You know I was so prepared to face ridiculous request from the staffs because I read this particular story online where this lady was asked to get into doggy position just so the staff could better strip off the wax from her bikini area. 

Surprisingly, none of the stories I read about waxing was true. Like none of them. Including the ones that claimed that it doesn't hurt. Let me tell you the truth ladies, IT HURTS LIKE A BITCH. 

I'm not sure of other places, but STRIP ensure their customers know what will be going on down there. So they had a walk through with me to briefly let me know what will happen for that 15-30 mins in that room. If you're alone, they have this cute squeaky toy for you to grab when the pain is unbearable. 

I rejected having the toy cos I know I'll be squeezing the toy non-stop once I entered the room HAHAHA anyway good thing for me, they have this calming essence to calm my fucking tits down LOL just kidding, it only calm your nerves. I had 7 drops of it, in case you're wondering HAHAHAHA

Ok long story short, here's a guide for you if you're considering Bwax and have never done it before. 

1. Trim your bushes 
If you've never done anything down there, trim it before heading down so the therapist can make the process faster and won't comment something like "Oh, I have to trim here, and here, and here, and there. They're all so long." Yup that was what happened to me. She still added "这里的几长一下" LOL really made me burst out laughing and of cos slightly embarrassed. 

2. Be open 
Like literally open. The therapist told me to spread my legs apart, I did.....and apparently wasn't open enough for her, she grabbed my leg and spread it even open I could feel the cold air against it HAHAHAH but she did told me politely that she's gonna move my leg before proceeding to spread it open. 

3. Talk to your therapist 
If you're worried about the pain, just keep talking and blabbering. It helps to distract yourself from the pain. I kept talking to her like "how long have you been doing this?", "is there anyone who did halfway and wanted to stop?" etc....quite interesting to hear her stories some are really amusing so it calms your nerves even more. 

Anyway there was 2 part to it. First part was the strawberry wax which will strip all your existing bushes, then the second part will be chocolate wax mainly for touching up and stripping away the remaining bushes. They all smells great. 

I guess that should be all, anyway the pain level was 7/10 for that moment she strip the wax off. But overall it'll be 4/10 because the pain only last for probably 5 seconds? You'll be amazed at how you managed to get through it after the whole thing is over. I was very pleased with the outcome, never felt so cleanly naked before LOL. 

For you readers who are interested, STRIP is now having a promotion where your virgin strip session will only be $30 instead of the usual $62! Make an appointment with any outlets in singapore now, it's a really good deal considering how renowned they are!

Trust me, you'll be pleased with the experience and head back for more! I've already made an appointment in October before my Phuket trip so I can look good in my bikini without worrying about unsightly hairs :)

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