Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mid-week 3

Hi there!

Blogging in the noon is so weird haha........but thanks to blogger app I can now blog on the go so more updates yay!

Anyway it's just rubbish I'm gonna say la so y'all don't expect too much from this post k? HAHAHAHA *inserts smile-until-cry emoji*

Work has been good to me. I've lost count of the events I went for even tho I just joined for 2 months+. You know how in some point of your life, once you make a decision that is favorable to you, it kinda changes your life? I think choosing to work as I pursue my degree is the best decision made, for me.

Enjoying every moment at work, even if that moment involves negotiating prices with difficult clients. It's challenges like that I love to expose myself to and it really keeps me going. Nothing can be worse as long as you have abundant thinking :)

I know I am starting to sound so boring with all these mature grown-up stuff but hey, I'm turning 21 it's in me HAHAHAHA NOT FUNNY. K I promise to come up with a good post by end of this week k!

Ending off with a sentence from one of my client whom can speak with impact - "When you're young, work for money. After that, let your money work for you."

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