Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hello yellow fellows

Hi people! My title rhymes. Haha. 

I wanna share my joy! Just gotten a new pandora charm few days was a charm I looked for a long time!

Ok so I had an idea of getting something auspicious like fengshui related yknow since pandora's concept is to fill your bracelet with charms that signifies something? Might as well get a lucky charm right? Hahaha so I came across a clover leaf charm and elephant charm. I fell in love with the latter immediately. Let me enlighten you here, elephants are considered lucky charm to the Thais and since I'm half-Thai I thought it'll be an great addition to my pandora! Hopefully it won't just give me half the luck just so I'm half-Thai....

Here's how my pandora looks like now! 
Silver heart charm was given my jr together with the bracelet which he got from his trip to Germany. 

Brandenburg gate charm was added after sometime later and the story was because jr initially wanted to get me that since he bought the pandora from Germany, he wanted to have some German related memory on my bracelet but couldn't get it in Germany so we got it in sg after he came back :)

Here's the details of my charm in case some of you are interested in it, I have also listed the price of each charm! 


No. : 790137

SGD 53


No. : 791081

SGD 71


No. : 790480

Pandora has discontinued this charm, and have another new elephant charm which I don't really fancy. Not as pretty as this one! So glad I manage to get the last few pieces! You can still try your luck asking if they still carry it. It's SGD 53 for this :)

I know pandora is an expensive an advice to those who have not joined pandora yet, don't. You'll become really obsessed with the charms and they are not cheap :(

As much as I love collecting pandora and filling up my bracelet, I believe in having charms that marks a certain moment. Like for example I really love the Eiffel Tower charm but will not buy it until I travel to Paris and then get the charm. Get my point?

So I've been telling my friends not to get me any pandora charm for my bday because I would much prefer filling it up myself with story of my life. However I am open to pandora gift cards, best with value loaded above $100 HAHAHA! Yes I am this shameless to demand what I want for my bday hahaha 

Next charm in Sep: Money Bag Charm
Sep will be the month I officially finish a month in my new company and will be my first time reciving complete sum pay from my full-time job! Just wanna mark this moment of my full independence :)

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