Tuesday, April 2, 2013

McDonald's Breakfast session [EVENT]

Just last week, I attended a session with omy bloggers where we were introduced to the new items McDonald's is having on their breakfast menu!  YIPPE YAY!

Many of you would have already heard of the National Breakfast Day which was held on 18th March 2013 where Mcdonald's gave out more than 100,000 Egg McMuffins!

In conjunction with National Breakfast Day, McDonald's introduced a new campaign called
Get Up & Go!

Ms Phyllis Cheung, Managing Director of McDonald’s Restaurants (Singapore), said, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and on National Breakfast Day, we want to energise everyone’s morning and give them the fuel to Get Up and Go. Breakfast is also one of the fastest growing meal segments in Singapore and over the years, customers have shown us how much they enjoy our breakfast menu. National Breakfast Day was our way of thanking our customers for making a McDonald’s breakfast the start of their day.”

Enough of information, let's take a look at what we can enjoy at our favorite fast food restaurant!

Look what the wonderful team and McDonald's gave us upon our arrival!

Anyway, moving on! Here's what I tried (and love):

Instead of having your usual hotcakes with maple syrup, how about getting a set of Hot Fudge Hotcakes if you're an absolute chocolate lover like me or the Strawberry Hotcakes if you love sweet stuff and there are real slices of strawberries in it so every mouth is a great one! The strawberry or hot fudge hotcakes breakfast meals are available for $5.50 (price listed is not applicable at iFly and via McDelivery).

And next, my personal favorite!

People were telling me how good it was before I even tried it, but I thought, hey it's just muffins with Mchicken patty, how special can it taste right? WRONG. This is the best combination, ever. The crispy chicken patty in between the soft muffins has already won me over. What's next? Melted cheese and creamy mayo over the crispy patty. WIN. That's all? NO. This Chicken Muffin Breakfast Meal is available for just $4

You know a room is filled with bloggers when the table is full of cameras haha so sad I didn't bring the dslr out cos my bro forgot to charge the battery for me T.T so that explains my poor quality pictures, I'm sorry!

Here's one with everyone who were there! Didn't really have the chance to talk to everyone bcos I was busy eating (haha) but I'm sure I'll see everyone soon for the next event! :)

Picture credit: Hui Yan

Be sure to try out the new items on the menu! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not head down and have a hearty breakfast at McDonald's soon? Remember, get up & go! :)

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