Monday, February 25, 2013

Omy movie preview: Countdown

Thank you and GV plaza for the tix to catch the new horror flick: COUNTDOWN

I find it more hilarious that horrifying because when I first recieved the email and I saw horror, I was expeccting ghosts and all sort of souls things like that. But this is kinda weird? I don't really know how I should call it, devil or whatever, but hell, this movie is good!

Here's the synopsis:

Patchara is Jack, a feckless rich kid who is supposed to be enrolled in a university. His short-haired girlfriend is Bee (Jarinporn), a new arrival in the city who is there for mysterious circumstances. They share an apartment with the floosie Pam (Peak Patarasaya) and her little Pomeranian. She's the only real student among them, studying fashion design, but is having problems of her own. 

It's New Year's Eve, and Jack wants to throw a party. His usual dealer, a fellow Thai who lives downstairs, is getting out of the business. But, conveniently, the weed guy's source has a business card. It's been torn up, but Jack manages to piece most of it back together. 

Just before the stroke of midnight, Jesus arrives. The deal is quickly done, but the dealer is one of those talkative guys who wants to linger. His animated manner of conversation quickly grows old and Jack tries to pay him and get him to leave. But Jesus has other plans, and he pulls out a Bible. This causes hesitation from the three Thais until he opens it up to reveal a hollowed-out space filled with specially treated marijuana joints. 

Tripping out on Sherm, Jack brings out a nail gun he acquired earlier in the evening, and uses it for target practice. The proceedings then turn increasingly hellish, with the devilish Jesus cornering the three in their bathroom and making them confess their sins. Not even the dog is safe. Maybe Jesus really is Christ. He knows so much, including how to speak fluent Thai. That nail gun comes back into play, just because the symbolism is too obvious to ignore. 

 There are also allusions to a recent high-profile traffic-death case from the Thai press. And there was a good place to end the movie on an atypical dark note, with a karmic lesson learned once and for all. 

Source: (Thai Film Journal )

Did I mention that this movie is from the producers of the ever famous Thai horror film, SHUTTER and PHOBIA? Actually you know it's a good horror movie when it's from Thailand.

Check out the trailer below:

The movie is already out in cinemas since 21st Feb 2013, so go ahead plan a date with anyone you missed or love and have a good laugh/scare together!

Anyway I asked Jasmine along with me since the movie invite was for 2 pax. We walked around and had dinner before going for the movie! Tried Skinny Pizza and I liked it! Well, some of it. 

Sorry I don't really have pretty pictures of it haha this girl hate her greens so you can figure who ate which piece. But I really liked the idea of fresh greens on my pizza, so crunchy and fresh! And if you don't already know, we ordered squid ink pizza! So good :)

Anyway I used a fork and my pizza split HAHAHAHA it's very sad but yeah we couldn't stop laughing

Ordered sparkling juice, which sadly taste like China Apple :(

Here's a picture of me ignoring her HAHAHAH and then a picuture of us together :)

Super nice day spent with my 12-years and counting buddy, thank you and GV Plaza!

Don't forget to catch COUNTDOWN in the cinemas! 

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