Monday, February 18, 2013


HAPPY NEW YEAR YAY I'M 2 MONTHS LATE, I KNOW. Been caught up with work and studies but now that I have left my job (omg so happy don't have to scoop anymore icecreams LOL) I found some time on my hand and thought I should come here and update. Yes, I realise I should do this more often. And I will! Recieved e-mail from omy to blog about SAFRA and Nuffnang to blog about their birthday party! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee I haven't confirmed if I am free to attend any of these I mentioned but I shall blog anyway hehehe!

Anyway, right now I don't feel extremely talkative so let the picture do the talking!

V-day dinner: Dined at Lot One's Olio Cafe bcos SAF only gave my man 4 hours to roam outside, but still thank you SAF bcos you let my man out. Bcos you let him out, he feed me food. I LOVE FOOD. YAY.

Vday gift from my fav boy;

In case any of you forgotten that I have an adorable bunny:

Food I had:

This Chicken McGrill is not recommended, serious. No good :(

Umi Sushi in school. Can you believe it? They're having so many good food in school right after I am about to graduate. Unbelievable. For two and a half years in NP I have been deprived of good food. Finally in my last semester I get to taste some of the goodness. 

Something I'm really proud; 21st bday cake for my man! Vanilla Sponge cake with Choco frosting + choco shavings. Damn good! This is just a mini cake I made just for him but yknow, sharing is caring and caring is love.........I ate half. I know this was supposed to be his cake but he offered me!!! I mean, who rejects a birthday boy right?!?! RIGHT. 

You can skip the content below bcos it is all my face. NOT PHOTOSHOPPED. Filter? Yes. NO OTHER EDITING SO DON'T GIVE MEAN COMMENTS THANKS. 

Ending off with the fav people in school:

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  1. HAI :D

    "thank you SAF bcos you let my man out. Bcos you let him out, he feed me food. I LOVE FOOD. YAY."

    best line everrr. HAHAHAHA