Monday, November 26, 2012

November happenings

Yes I know, missing in action again haha thought I might as well update my November here! So it's gna be such a image heavy entry!

Met up with my lovely girls from sec sch and they're so sweet to surprise me hehe and thank you girls for the treat at Paradise dynasty! <3

Jiarui got me a thunder buddy for my bday present this year! So sweet of him to appear outside my door looking retarded with this huge bear hehe thank you baby love you so much ^^

Met us w colleagues for two diff time, one at my mum's cafe and the other at clark quay for this really awesome jap buffet and thank you girls again for getting me bday present and the treat :)

With the pretty Jaslyn!

Met up with Madalene and Jaslyn the next day for buffet at clark quay! Here's one with Madalene :)

And the 3 of us in one!

My fav event of Nov: Graduation photoshoot 

And lastly, the people that stucked with my for these 3 years in my poly :')

Club in the night bcos when the clock strike 12 I am 20! Hehe I just wna say thank you to those who came, planned the surprise and people who scarifised their sleep and came down even they have class early in the morning the next day love y'all deep deep! Mink sucked but you guys rock so thank you, really. For the care, laughter and joy that night :D

Actual bday spent w the most precious people in the world - My family
Pardon my face without makeup thanks haha

Thank you mummy, for everything you've given me for the past 20 years. I can never thank you enough for bringing me into this world. I know there are times I make you feel angry and shouted nasty things at you, in the end I hope you know I love you, no matter what, always.

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