Thursday, October 4, 2012

Resort World Genting Day 2

Didn't really had a good night sleep because:

1. Joey vomitted, probably due to the Tom Yum we had at Mushroom Farm bcos she said her throat and ears were burning after she puked. Anyhow, I had to take care of my roommate so I boiled her some water and went out to the water dispenser at the lobby, sloppily dressed w/o my specs and eyes half-opened. I swear I wasn't kidding. That was really what happened, can barely keep my eyes open.
Thankfully I had some suan mei w me so Joey felt better and we both went back to sleep. BUT.......

2. There are people walking past our rooms at wee hours laughing and talking so loud I can't sleep! :WPUFSNUTROPACDKLSJNLPARYHG WTF IS THIS SHIT. It'd be better if what I heard was eerie voices calling out to me or those laughs that send chills down your spine. That way I can at least force my eyes close and probably fall asleep. BUT NO. STUPID UNCLES LAUGHING WITH THEIR DEEP VOICES LIKE HOW SANTA DOES AND WALK PAST MY ROOM LIKE IT'S THEIR HOUSE. Pffffft. So inconsiderate so yeah, but I eventually fell asleep la, so no more whinning LOL

Can't remember how we got up, think the boys spammed our doorbells like 6729358 times hahahaha because the other two girls, Shi Ting and Cheryl were up early and already at starbucks using Wi-Fi while we're still asleep LOL

But anyway this one I must haolian cos Joey and I prepared ourselves in less than an hour!!!!! Like got bathe, wash hair, make up and everything one leh. So proud! We only got one toilet please, so our teamwork quite good leh I think hahahaha! The guys waited for us in our room and didn't rush us at all leh! Think they were fascinated by how we prepare ourselves and do our make ups LOL

So yeah, went to find these girls who were addicted to the social network hahaha. The lighting at starbucks not bad so we couldn't resist taking a few picutures even when all of us are starving HAHAHA

(L to R: Joey, Cheryl, Shi Ting and Me)

Joey and my ootd, we bought these really comfy socks the night before at about RM30 each cos we were really cold and decided we can take on winter at Genting with these socks hahaha. No, really. We thought we buy long long socks can already LOL so naive we were still freezing HAHAHAH

Group shot! We were so happy whenever we manage to squeeze all 6 of us into the picture hahaha now then I think how come we never ask people take for us leh? Sian, go overseas all brains like shrink abit LOL

After what seems like a 100 photos later, we moved our asses to marybrown for breakfast!

Not I want to spam our faces, but lighting at Mary Brown also not bad! HAHAHAH so I took individual shots w everyone (Top to Bottom: Klinton, Shi Ting, Edwin)

Random insertion of the cute stuff we bought along:

MB's Porridge which is not bad! RM7 for your porridge + Tea/Coffee

Cheryl wanted to buy prepaid after breakfast so we splitted  up cos Joey and I wanted to check out the Sasa outlet over there and the guys went back to hotel to poke asses again LOL

Had guava bcos I cannot live w/o fruits. One day never eat confirm tio constipation then 1 day later lau sai and someone I share room with Joey so if I lau sai then the room smell I will paiseh HAHAHA

Got our theme park tix at RM50 each! And I suggested taking the picture below then everyone say "You how old already still like to take this kind of picture?" WAHLAU SIAN SIMI SAI RIGHT. They all never think they how old already still want play theme park meh?! TSK.

Pirate ship was our 1st ride bcos it was the most prominent one HAHAHA anyway, the lady wearing pink was entertained by Ed and Kliton throughout the entire ride. And sometimes their jokes ah, I hear already also paiseh I'm their friend lor. I had to turn and apologise to her and tell her my friend the brain got problem. She laughed at me, I take it as she forgives them for their low intelligence level.

I very touched leh sometimes, cos I do things like that they never tell people I not their friend LOL

Did airbrush tattoo for RM20 which can last about a week! Quite nice hor? I've got people asking if that's the real thing hahaha but say serious if I do real one where will do stars!!!!!!! Confirm do tiger or eagle hahaha I mean, to me it means something mah. Wahlau put stars like remind yourself doing pri sch days your teacher gave you star for your 10/10 spelling and you never want to forget that magical moment so you ink stars? LOL

After like 4 rides, we decided to go for lunch at Genting Palace which serves dim sum! Here's a picture of me w Cheryl (who airbrushed at her collarbone) and Klinton who conveniently photobomb-ed us

After spending a night in the room together.............................

Collage of what we had for lunch there, food was awesome! Probably cos we were hungry haha yknow all of us were hungry but had to wait like 30 secs before chiong-ing for the food cos all of us wanted to take pictures LOL TYPICAL

Best of all lots: Liu Sha Bao! Too bad for us, they ran out of it so we only had 3 buns which means 1 person eat half only. Sian.

Here's our bill for 6 pax to those who're keen to know :)

Afterwards the girls seperated with me, Klinton and Ed bcos they wanted to do manicure and we decided to hit the arcade to kill time! That's me in action!!!!!!!! :D

Please don't look down on me hor, my score was 425 please! The guys played serveral rounds but still can't beat my score leh hahaha please let me haolian for 10 seconds. Here's Kliton trying again, and me standing at the machine which still displays mt 425 score ;)

This fail shot damn funny one please. Scumbag clouds just passed by and covered our background then Ed and I still can smile until so happy cos we didn't know HAHAHAHA

Anyway I saw some malaysian guy posing in front of the camera w those 90's pose and I asked everyone to look at him HAHAHA and when we're back indoors, I couldn't resist so I imitated him LOL

Sunglasses? Checked. Long fringe? Checked. Cigg? Check. Hand on pocket? Checked. THE MOST CLASSIC POSE? HELL YEAH CHECKED!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually I wished I didn't witness him doing his pose bcos after that, I became reatarded unknowingly. Confirm is karma. See what I did below? I walked like that most of the time. Sian. What was I thinking. I don't even need alcohol to make me do retarded stuff.
My bf saw this and he's like "Why you throw face must throw until Genting?" SIAN.

OK NEEEEWAYYYYS pls forget the image above bcos we prepared a surprise for Joey! It was her ultra belated bday bcos we forgot her actual one :( I'M SORRRRRRRYYYYYYY THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN I SWEAR OK? SORRY JOEY! :(

Here's my pretty girl with her cake! She also airbrushed at her collarbone btw haha

Afterwards, we touched up our make ups and went out for dinner then kbox! Yippeee yay! My sweetheart with my hello kitty specs and me hehe <3 Oh I just noticed Ed smiling into the camera as well tsk -.-

Hehe wearing the eyelashes Cheryl bought along and I feel for once that I have beautiful eyes LOL

As usual, messed around in MY room again and they wonder why our room is so messy tskkkkk!

Hahaha me and Ed trying to disturb Klinton who was taking power nap!

Camwhore queen at the background, followed by me constantly checking my phone for idk what and Joey who's always staring into spaces LOL

In lift also must snap pic. Cos yknow, we scared people dk we know how to take lift LOL

Here's something helpful:

I told you, I don't need alcohol to do anything stupid and I swear I have no idea what I was doing nor do I remember this scene

Pretty sure I entertained every single one of them that night. Look how Ed's laughing :/

What I do remember is gambling till 5am before we returned to our rooms and sleep hahaha finally some happenings yay I don't have boring friends LOLOLOL

To be continued.................

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