Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Resort World Genting Day 1

My trip was arpund 2 weeks back ago, I think? Haha but because I didn't bring along any camera and relied solely on my iPhone, I had to wait for Shi Ting to post all our pictures before I can do a decent entry hahaha!

Anyway, I was really glad I went for this trip because it was super impromtu. Ok, here's what happened. Ed, Chew and I was walking around the mall and stumbled upon WTS travel and it was NATAS period that time so it was freaking cheap.......we then created a whatsapp group inviting people in and those who are keen stay, those we aren't, exit the group by themselves. And here we are! The most steady people in Genting hahahaha!

We had an hour to kill before we can check-in to First World Hotel so we went to Starbucks to get their free Wi-Fi and also had our caffine fix. Everyone ordered Venti!

Random insertion of my bunny whom I missed so much while I was away for the 3 days:

Actually I think we were lucky we didn't have to wait v long for our turn to check in because I think around 45 mins we could go up to our rooms! And here's my roommate for the 3 days, Joey! <3

We messed around in our rooms before heading out hehehe

The Genting gang!

Oh yeah, before I forget, this is a really nice chewing gum Klinton got for us, it has 3 layers thus the name, 3D. Really awesome so you guys can go try it if you have the chance to! :)

Bought them to the cable car aka Genting Skyway to Strawberry Farm!

Anyway, it's usually chilly over at Genting so ZIP up whenever possible like this:

And don't be afraid, you can just buy yout tix this way, the counter lady will be entertained (and somehow embarrassed)  by you!

Cheap cable car rides wooohoooo!

In the cable car, showing my widest smile! :D

After our noisy ride down, we reached! There'll be a free shuttle bus that comes at every 30 mins interval to bring you from your cable car stop to strawberry farm! Don't get scammed by taxi who claimed that strawberry farm is very far/shuttle bus will not reach. They'll offer RM2/pax just say no ok? Although it's just less than a dollar here in sg LOL

This one not my friend LOL

We met these 2 gay boys at the strawberry farm and they asked to join us and we agreed, becos, DUH, we're nice people. So, these 2 guys are strangers, not our friends bcos my friends not hiao like that one LOL

Sharing of baskets is maximum 3 per basket but we ended up throwing all of ours into one haha! And the total was around RM15 for the 6 of us :)

Got approached by a guy offering this photo taking service w his birds. I refused to hold any of them or let them sit on me because I scared tio jiao sai so there's the lonely me w no birds LOL

It took quite awhile for the photographer to be ready and the birds were getting restless so everytime they fidget, I'll exclaimed "YAO DA BIAN LIAO YAO DA BIAN LIAO" and scare the shit out of all of them hahaha!

Couldn't resist taking this one, too sweet!

And afterwards we went back for our dinner because if you noticed, we skipped lunch LOL

Dinner at mushroom farm which is v near to First World Hotel! Just take the free shuttle bus 9100 and they'll bring you here, after you finished your dinner, they'll bring you back too!

Note: If you take the 9100 bus, you are only allowed to dine at Mushroom Farm, not the Seafood Restaurant. (There are 2 tze char there) So if you want to try the Seafood Restaurant, you have to take another shuttle bus which is 8347 or something, can't remember. But anyway, don't bother cos the Mushroom Farm has better food LOLOLOLOL

After dinner while waiting for the shuttle bus, we snapped some pics. Totally have no idea how I managed to smile like that when it's so damn cold. The temperature at night is no joke, especially when all the girls are wearing shorts. We asked for it HAHAHA

Ed being a gentleman offering his hoodie but kena rejected HAHAHAHA

And afterwards we went back to our rooms and knocked out. No night activites. Yawns, boring people. Hahaha no la, actually the guys had plans and I actually agreed but we fell asleep and never woke up until the second day morning HAHAHAHHA

To be continued..............


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