Thursday, September 20, 2012

XLB + M&S Camp

Saved a date during the holidays and headed to XLB buffet at HV! This time I went for the midnight one which was from 10PM-12MN but the entire restaurant was still pretty crowded and noisy. We had to raise our voices talking to each other but we had fun mimicking how the other table talked and laughed HAHAHA

Think we had more than 30 baskets of XLB that day............but I'm not complaining hehe! The bill was like $22 or $24 per person that day.

Big fat juicy prawns! Thank you Angie for peeling it for us that day, even when you don't eat it yourself :)

And my love for shrooooooooms 

The guys decided to be stupid for a moment, they put the XLB into their mouths immediately after it was served to us and here they are trying hard to endure the explosion of pipping hot soup in the XLB in their mouths HAHAHHA

Very messy steamboat haha! We chose pork rib and Ma La soup but I guess next time just choose the pork rib one bcos it has so much more taste as compared to the ma la one!

Went back school after XLB to stay over for out annual society camp, M&S! I think it was 3AM and we can't sleep so this was what happened: 

Fast forward to Day 2: We went to Sentosa and we were really lucky bcos it was Sentosa's 40th birthday so it was free entry for all! Had fun w my main comms as well as messing around with the freshies there. Definitely made my last M&S a great one :)

My lovavble main comms! And thanks Khabir for snapping this amazing picture of us :)

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