Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Raising my Holland Lop Bunny - Peanut

Not an easy task. Especially when you get your bun when they're young. But it doesn't mean it's a bad thing, because interacting with bunnies when they are young can get them used to us which really goes a looooong way down.

She was 6 weeks old when I first got her, so tiny and vulnerable. She is very sensitive to every single noise and sound around her and doesn't really get out of her dark box we made for her out of our old shoebox. But of course, I still try to engage with her and offer her treats so that she'd get used to me and my touches.

It didn't take really long for her to step out of her comfort zone and get used to me. But I must say, it really takes time and hell lots of patience. I spent like almost 2-3 hours daily with her initially just to get her to know me. When she hides in her box, I sit outside and wait till she comes out.

Look at her now, almost 3 months old, already feeling so comfortable in the house. We got her a playpen instead of cage because she'll grow big and I don't want her to have any restrictions while moving.

That's her, lying out there like a boss, without hiding in her dark boxes. Fyi, she chewed the boxes up quite badly that my dad names her 'The Demolition Contractor'

We got her a ball to play with, which she always pushes around in her playpen. Potential soccer player over here! Hahahaha!

Even after she got comfotable with me around, I still spend time with her every day. I wake up half an hour earlier everyday to talk to her and at night when I come home, I check on her and then proceed my training. (Yes, bunnies can be trained just like a dog) And here's her, doing her 'up-up' 

Sometimes when I open the playpen, she just runs to me and then hop between my legs and waits for me to pat her head and massage her cheeks. Too cute!

Yup, and this is how I massage her cheeks, sometimes I think she doze off while I do that. She likes it very very much hahaha!

After interaction, it's her playtime when we let her out around the house to roam about. Beware, keep all your important documents high up, out of her sight because bunnies chew anything and everything! This is her, targeting my stuff before I shouted 'OI' at her. 

They are many who say scolding and hitting doesn't work but I say it really depends, because she've been with me since young and I always raise my voice whenever she does something wrong and she listens. Well, of course it scared her the first few times but subsequently, she get the message that whenever she does something wrong, she'll hear my raised voice and will then stop doing it.

Bunnies are really curious animals and wants to check out every single thing you have in the room. Look at her standing under my umbrella hahaha!

It's perfectly fine to leave her alone roaming around after bunny-proofing all your cables and plants around the house. After an hour, she'll be out of energy and look for a spot to let her ears down to chill and replenish all her lost energy.

After replenishing her energy, she goes back to her explorer mode. I don't know why, but she likes to attack my floor rug. She doesn't even chew it, she just mess it around. It annoys me all the time but I let her do it because it's harmless and it makes her happy.

After her explorer mode is off, she will come and beg for attention. She'll purposely sprint right in front of you, or just towards to you, then nudge you with her nose. Freaking cute! So you'll fall into her trap and pick her up to play with her. 

That's my bf, who is the major shareholder of Peanut. (He bought her) And don't you think the picture is just filled with so much love? Peanut's such a darling! 

Most of the time when she beg for attention, I'll be watching tv so I just pick her up and make her watch it with me. Hahaha! She'd only stay put for 45 seconds then start to run off somewhere where she deems is more fun hahaha!

This is such a rare moment where she actually stays and watches the whole episode with me, but with some nudging and nibbling of my legs in between. 

And the cutest moment, she just dozed off after the long day of exploring. Really, just so much love for my bun! <3

This is how I calm her down when I want to pick her up to place her back to her playpen, it doesn't hurt her at all. She'll stop fighting back and then let me pick her up.

I couldn't resist, because her groomer said she has really beautiful fur and I'm so glad to hear that even when I'm not the one who gave birth to her. And she has really round and black eyes!

That's all for now I guess, and I shall end off with my fav pic of her:

"Mummy, what do you mean I have big foot?"

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