Monday, August 20, 2012

Scheduled post

Current mood: Sleepy

The rain nowadays is a huge factor to how I'm feeling, it always makes me sleepy and somehow it makes me sick recently. My runny nose is damn, running all day 24/7 it have got really good stamina I must say.

Last paper of my 2nd last semester in poly and I'm nowhere near completing my revision because my dad and I had lunch just now and kinda discussed about my birthday this year. He got me a gold bracelet for no apparent reason this year, and it was $500+ and I really have no idea why he got it.

So.........I wanna ask him for a Pandora bracelet hehehe ok, maybe not the bracelet. I'll get the bracelet myself and he get the charms, and all you people who always have no idea what to get me for my birthday, I've saved millions of your brain cells, just get me a charm from Pandora! I've created my own dream bracelet from the Pandora website and guys can check it out and plan to get it for my upcoming birthday ok? Meanwhile I need to get back to my books haha.

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