Friday, August 3, 2012

My Bunny

I know I haven't done a proper post in a long time because my commitments in sch and work are taking my soul away~ NOOOOOOO~

Ok, in case you're wondering, no I haven't lost my mid, yet. Might be soon though haha. Anyway, I've decided to leave my formspring alone for awhile because the questions coming in are all about peanut and peanut and peanut. NOT THAT I'M JEALOUS. I'm just a lil' annoyed over the repeating why don't you guys don't scroll and read my replies to other questions before asking me? It's all the same thing....:(

So here, please stop spamming me question, I'll put down all the details and what I know here:

How old is my bunny?
  • She is now 8 weeks old, we got her when she was 6 weeks old.

What is her breed?
  • Peanut's a Holland Lop.

Is your bunny a girl or boy?
  • Peanut is a girl.

What do you feed her?
  • Pellets and Timothy Hay and occasionally some veg + carrots

How much is your bunny?
  • She cost $300 in total including of all her food and accessories (eg, water bottles, food bowl, litter box)

I guess that's all and please do not ask me what is her name. I have been peanut-ing the whole of this post so don't you ask me her name anymore >:(

Any other questions can still be asked on formspring but I'll be selective to answering questions.
I'll be back with a proper entry soon so stay tune!

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