Saturday, July 14, 2012

Picnic @ Marina Barrage

Many weeks back when we were still having our term break, I met up with the mates for picnic at Marina Barrage! We planned it way back and I'm so glad it happened! Cheryl bought along her beloved son, Teddie, who is a toy poodle. Look what she whatsapp us before leaving her place:

Anyway as usual we were having fun and forgot to take pictures together. Lame right, I know hahahah we only know how to eat play talk HAHAHA

It was supposed to be a pot luck picnic so each of us have to bring along food and I made my Shepherd's pie for them! So goooood! 

Here are our food:

Egg mayo sandwich by Cheryl

Hot dogs + quail eggs also from Cheryl

Shepherd's Pie by yours truly

Fried Cheese tofu and sotong ball from Joey

Red Wine Cabonara from Edwin

Dog meat hahahaha I'M KIDDING!

Here's Ed being my model hahaha artistic, no?

Fav pic of the day, which shows you my elegant pose while snapping a pic of Teddie with Cheryl and Joey inside as well which Ed decided to blur us off. Thanks man, bro. So much love.

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