Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pastamania: MIB deal

Because you people requested, here's one on me and my bf hahaha I really don't get why you guys are so interested in reading about Jiarui and me haha, we're not really like a cute couple or been tgt for a really long time.......but since you guys want it, you can have it!

On one fine Saturday where we went to Sentosa for Post-FOW outing with the rest of my school mates! Here's how my bf really is, in real life. So damn goofy sometimes I see his face it take every ounce of my energy within not to punch him. Really, not I say to make you all laugh one. Just stare at his face below, less than 2 seconds see already want to punch one!!!!!

But ok la, he not so bad, because he have times where he handsome until cannot. You see his face, then see my face. HAAHAHAHA how come so handsome this guy but the girl look like chimpanzee?!

Ok, a decent photo of us, decent enough la hor? Although I didn't really like smile but you see my bf again, bit lips leh!!!! How come so sexy?!?!?! HAHAHAHA now you know why I love him.

In case, you guys too immersed with my bf and forget about me, here's my face :D

After sentosa we headed to dinner w the rest! Too bad we didn't take any group photo and we were famished by the time we got seated so when the food arrived we just attacked hahaha!

Anyway, just to share this really nice deal from Pastamania, in conjunction with the movie Men In Black 3 here's the deal! For only $9.90, you get to enjoy:
1 side dish
1 pasta/baked rice of your choice
1 drink

I think it was really worth it because a pasta itself will cost like $7-$12? And this $9.90 includes drinks and a side dish so no worries about not being full! Best part is, the $9.90 is already inclusive of GST! Not sure when this deal will end, but just grab it before it's gone!

Dessert for the night, my fav Hei ice cream from Awfully Chocolate, if you're a chocolate fan you gotta try this! Very chocolately and don't worry about it being too sweet because it's really chocolate so you can taste the coca in it! If I didn't remember wrongly its less than $4(around $3.80?) for a big scoop of it. 

Alright, that's all for tonight. Have a nice day everyone! 


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