Friday, July 6, 2012

Old airport Rd lao ban beancurd + dinner

This is such a late post bcos this happened like few months back where my very nice bf decided to bring me to Old Airport Rd for lao ban beancurd and some good food for dinner!

Lao ban is so overrated but it's really quite addictive for me, but it's not perfection, yet. Anyway, my brother doesn't like lao ban at all because he claims it isn't real beancurd. Ok, more on that later, pictures of my dinner first!

The huge ass $2.50 sugar cane juice that would probably flood your bladder custom if you finish it all by yourself. I don't know why there's 2 straws bcos I usually share my straw with Jiarui. Maybe he's pissed at me for biting my straw and thinks it's disgusting so he took another for himself hahaha I really don't know.

Oyster omelet! Just normal, I still find the best oyster omelet is at the Bukit Timah Food Center, which is sadly under renovation now and I've got no idea when is it going to be open for business again. Or maybe there is this temp stall for them, but I really got no idea so if anyone knows do tell me about it!

And my fav wings! I've this thing for chicken wings, whether it's fried, steamed, BBQ or.......shit I can't think of anything else hahaha but yeah, you get what I mean. When I eat at hawkers like Chomp chomp, I'd order this because it's sooooo good! Like even if it taste normal, it's good because chicken wings are already good by themselves. Somehow I like them a little charred, and I never used the lime or chilli to go with the wings before. They're nice just like that! 

Ahhhh and sambal stingray! Somehow after those stingrays I ate at BBQ, like those you from wholesale BBQ suppliers? I think those are so much nicer! 

I saw some ravings online for the Whitley Prawn Noodles and it has a stall there! And just nice we were walking pass this table where everyone is eating it, the fragrance of the soup is so overwhelming I told Jiarui I want it too hahaha! And look at how big the prawns are! Not so fresh though, but the noodles and soup and chilli really just make up for that. It's so good you guys have to try it!

And here's the legendary lao ban beancurd! I was actually quite apprehensive at first and couldn't understand why'd people queue up for so long for this bowl of beancurd? And it's $1.50/bowl as compared to our normal beancurd from kopitiam which is only $1/bowl. 
Now I know why. The difference is so huge I think lao ban should be sold at $2/bowl haha just kidding! It literally just melt in your mouth after putting it in. But as mentioned earlier, my brother prefer the ordinary $1/bowl beancurd because it is real. 

Ok, let me explain, lao ban beancurd is not really beancurd, it's more like a pudding, where they add more sugar and milk, so it taste sweet and milky and the consistency is just nice like a pudding, except lao ban is smoother and softer. There is actually a reciepe on how do to this beancurd pudding and I've been wanting to try it because I live in the west and lao ban is in the east. If I ever motivate myself to go get the ingredients to do this beancurd pudding, I'll make a post on it hahaha!

Minus points: It gets very sandy at the bottom, like it wasn't grinded/mixed well enough so I couldn't finish the last few mouths, what a waste :(

Anyway, just to share this really nice chocolate from Kinder Breuno! It's called Happy Hippo, I've got no idea why they named it like that because the first time I heard it, I thought it was the air refreshner HAHAHAHA

But it's this! 

So adorable like a bearded old hippo. Those are biscuits bits by the way, and the fillings are the same, hazelnut and if you have a sweet tooth then this is perfect! Think it can be found in those major supermarkets but I always get mine at ValueDollar, it's cheaper I think? $2.50 for a box of 5! 

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