Saturday, July 14, 2012

My little girl (bunny)

Look at formspring and it's like almost all the questions are asking about my bunny! Sorry I haven't finish answering all your questions becuase once I've finished answering, another batches of questions comes in. I'm not complaining but haha sometimes it gets annoying when you get repetitive questions but it's none of your faults luh, I didn't answer them haha!

My bunny is 7 weeks old and she's a Holland lop. Her ears are still straight and have not dropped to the sides of her head yet because she's too young. She really looks like a ball, don't she?

On her free time in the morning, she likes to read the papers and get updates on the world out there which she feels like exploring. 

And she'll always pop her head out like that because she likes running around the house. I let her hop around whenever I'm home but recently she's being punished so it's been days since she've been let out.

I like how she always stand on her two legs when she hear me calling her. She's not really used to us or her new environment yet so the littlest noise always tends to startle her.

Lastly, I named her Peanut. Just look at her body, don't you think she looks like one? Actually Jiarui wanted to call her Bazel, because my bro suggested Hazel. But Jiarui gave in to me and agreed to name her peanut.

Anyway Jiarui bought her so he's like the 100% stakeholder hahaha but she's living at my place because Jiarui's parents doesn't like to keep pets in their house. But still, I'm really really happy that Jiarui bought her because she's such a dear and I've been wanting a bunny for the longest time! 

Thanks a million to my wonderful bf who got this bunny for me hehehe! I love you <3

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