Sunday, June 17, 2012

White Dog Café at Vivo City

Had lunch on Thursday w two of my classmates who are having their torturous 6-months internship right now. Just made me so damn glad I didn't decide to go for 6-months listening to their whinings! Not that I am qualified, just that I kinda had the opportunity to go for it but I didn't.

But anyway, back to topic! We wanted to have the carnivore 1-for-1 buffet at vivo, since Zhengkai is having his internship at RWS and Jayne is having hers at BP! Both are near to vivo!

Sadly we didn't have it because the restaurant is fully booked till the end of the month. That's damn sad bcos I'm really looking forward to not eat meat for the rest of my life after that hahaha!

We settled our lunch at White Dog Café instead, it offers set lunches! $10.90++ which rounded up to around $16 each, because we ordered appetizer too :)

Look at my boyfriend trying to be funny when I told him I'm not having meat buffet at Carnivore -.-

The menu, I kinda like the font they used for the cover hehe

I like how they actually serves us complimentary doritos(?) hahah no idea what the exact name is, but it's really cool when you are served complimentary food and it comes with so much of it! 
That's something worth praising of!

All of us ordered set lunches which comes with;
Soup of the day
Main Course

Our soup of the day - Leek and Potato Broth 
It was served together with the salad at the back, and strangely they gave us garlic bread for dipping too but we all agreed that garlic bread is only 'dippable' into creamy soups haha!

Ordered calamari rings for sharing as appetizers, it looks like it only serves one, but there are actually 8 rings, so it was 2 for each of us. Sounds kinda little but then, remember it's called appetizer not main course haha!

And finally here's the main course I've ordered - Beer Battered Dory Fish
Taste just like your normal fish and chips except this has more fragrance which I don't think it comes from the beer, because I taste none of that in there. They served it with a scoop of rice which is too bland for my liking. 

Root beer for me and cheryl! Zhengkai and Jayne actually ordered the white dog ice lemon tea which looks really unique and amazing, like a beer. Too bad they said it isn't sweet at all. 

Till then, next entry on Marche! ;)

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