Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekly food

Some of my meals and snacks I had for the past week!

Mushroom soup + garlic bread that accompanied in to study last week. Have I mentioned how much I love mushroom soup? Not those campbell kind, but actually MUSHROOM, mushroom soup? Anyone has great recipe to share? :)

Really awesome baked salmon and tomatoes by my dad :)

Cereal butter fried rice that I haven't really gotten sick of it yet hehe! If you're a fan of cereal prawns, this is the dish you have to try! Not sure if this is selling anywhere outside, but I always have it in the Alumni Clubhouse in my school.

Anyone has any good food to recommend so that I can gorge myself during my 2 weeks term break? HAHAHA I EAT AYTHING AND EVERYTHING :D

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