Thursday, June 28, 2012

Marché @ 313 Somerset

As promised, and delayed, here's the post on Marché!

Some time back during my 2 weeks term break, I met up with my peeps from poly, Cheryl, Shi Ting and Klinton to have dinner at Marché! Many were supposed to join us as well but they've got their own plans so we just went ahead without them. I mean, it's good food we're talking about man HAHAHA

So anyway, here it is! At the entrance waiting for the person to give us our seats. If you're going there for dinner during weekdays (Mon-Thu), remember to call and reserve seats! For weekends (Fri-Sun), they don't take reservation so you either have to be there early to get your seats or be really patient while waiting. Anyway, you have to have half of the people on the spot if you're there to queue early.For example, you're asking for table for 10, so you have to have 5 people there if not they will not let you in and have the seats. So yeah, just thought it might be helpful!

Gotten our seats quite fast, like less than 20 minutes of waiting! And I can't help but love their chairs, it's so cute, yes, it is a heart shape there! Actually their interior decor is really amazing, totally different feeling like the outside. 

Everyone was given this card each, which is used to charge what you eat. 
Marché is actually not like any other ordinary restaurant. It is really a market restuarant, where you walk around, like how you would do in a market, and whenever you see what you like, order and pass this card to the person where they will swipe the cost of that particualr dish and at the end of the day before you leave, you will have to return this card, and they will charge you according to the value in this card!

I like this drink stall, the barrel is really cool but this calamansi drink isn't as nice as it looks :(

Our picks for dinner:

Swiss Rosti w sour cream - Can try

In case you don't know, it's just shredded potato that taste bland, not really a good one but we saw a long queue for this one and having the typical sg blood in us, we just went and queued too LOL but I guess everyone has their own liking so you can try this if you want, it's only $5+ for this portion!

Salmon Crepe - MUST TRY!

My fav of whole lot! I'd die for crepes, I FREAKING LOVE CREPES! And after having this at Marché, I hereby declare that I can die peacefully. Seriously, their crepe is really nice and salmon is god damn good! Anything w salmon is good, so imagine something awesome like crepe with salmon, PERFECT!

Anyway, the food is done right before your eyes so you can see how it was done, and when the lady was doing this crepe, I pointed to the largest piece of salmon and told her I wanted that one in my crepe HAHAHAH of course she did............NOT gave me that :<
Shi Ting said to me 'You sibeh off leh Elaine' HAHAHAHA

1/2 Roasted Chicken - No need try LOL

Nothing special, taste normal and I think those western stalls at kopitiam serves better roasted chicken

Fried Calamanri Rings - MUST TRY!

Another good dish we took, the batter is really light and the calamanri is sooo fluffy! And best of all, it comes in a huge serving so this is really one of the must try at Marché!

Mushroom Soup - Can try

This is quite lame..........Cheryl and I just craved for it so Klinton went to take it for us hahaha the bread is not really nice because it has gone all soggy due to the exposure to air conditioning in the restaurant but the soup is great, not like your ordinary smooth soup, this is lumpy, with bits of mushroom in every sip! But I feel it's too overprice for a small cup so it depends on individuals!

Root Beer - Just try

My 2nd drink of the night because the Calamansi drink is too ewww for me to continue drinking so I asked for something gassy! Cheryl ordered Calamansi too and later on asked for coke! Hahaha so take note not to choose Calamansi when you're there!
This root beer is good, maybe because I missed A&W too much but anyway, it's definitely better than the Calamansi w sour plum.

Dessert time! 

Fresh strawberries coated w Chocolate - Got money then try

There's a chocolate fondue fountain there, which Cheryl and I didn't believe so Klinton went to take this just to prove himself hahaha! It's good and ex......$3.18 each which means we paid $6.36 for this plate! :O

Sweet Crepe of the week w double scoop ice cream - Stomach still got space then try

My fav dessert, no points for gueessing why. The crepe is god damn good hahaha!

That's the end of the Marché post! A little sad we were all busy eating and talking, we forgot to take pictures with one another! Apart form the good food, it was nice to have great company. We actually had a night of adventure at Marché, just the 4 of us.....let's just say it was an unforgettable experience *winks*

Anyway if you'd like to know, our total bill came up to $118.80 for 4 person. I thought it was pretty reasonable, it felt like we were having buffet there just take and take and take! I'd go back again and try other dishes if I possible! So if anyone has any recommendations just let me know! :)

Marché 313 
Orchard Road #01-39/46 313 Singapore 238895 
Tel: +65 6834 4041 | Opening Hours Daily: 11am – 11pm

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