Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dwarf bunny (coming to my home soon)

On Saturday after my job briefing at MBS, I decided to head over to my boyfriend's workplace, not to fetch him, but to check out the bunnies there!

Jiarui has been telling me for weeks that there's this company just right beside his workplace having pets exhibition, show casing love birds, parrots, guinea pigs and rabbits!

And coincidentally one of the staff at the pet exhibition is my friend so we didn't have to pay to get it. Actually if he wasn't my friend, I still don't have to pay to get in because Jiarui knows them well enough.

Ok enough of talking, here are the adorable bunnies!

I looked like I'm squeezing it but trust me, I'm not! It's sooooooo fluffy! Just awwwwww

Made Jiarui's colleague hold the bunny because he has large hands and the bunny look so cute in his hands hahaha! So small and fragile, makes you feel like protecting it!

Sidetrack: His colleague's hand is actually quite neat and clean, although it looks kinda fat, but he's a guy and he've got buff body so it's ok. I like his nails, so neatly trimmed! 

Awwww hello there bunny! His name is Charcoal by the way, I named him. Because he looks like one hahahha!

Ultra cute! I like it when they curl up like a ball makes me go awwwww
But the bunny was kinda annoyed at me blocking his view, but I'm worried the sun's glare might hurt his eyes, sigh conflict happens. LOL

That's me most of the time, talking to it. 
"Will you come home with me?" "Will you?" "You will huh?" "Huh?!" 

And after being constantly ignored by Charcoal when I asked those question, he both became bored so I put him back and picked up another bigger bunny, it's white!
And it likes resting like that, like a dog hehehe <3

Isn't it lovely? Anyway not trying to be funny, but I think the bunny seems to be wearing those enlarged circle lens, hahahah really! 

Sidetrack: Jiarui's hand. Obvious enough because of the dirt stuck between his nails and unkept nails. Ewwwwww

"Huh, what? You gonna bring me home?"

Moved on to the love birds there because I used to keep love birds back at my woodlands home. Unfortunately it got attacked by the stray cats in the middle of the night, we couldn't hear it struggling and didn't managed to save them :'(

I used to have 2 of them, identical to the yellow one below. They are also trained, just like all the birds there! Just call out their names, stretch your hands out and they'll just fly towards you. Amazing right? The birds there are really well trained, they let them fly to the trees nearby and once the trainers calls their names, they'll fly back to their owners!

Ending this entry with my fav photo of the day:

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