Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Olio Cafe @ CCK Lot 1

So few weeks back Jiarui decided to be a nice boyfriend and bought me to this newly opened cafe at lot one. Really glad he did, because food always makes me happy! Heh.

But anyway, he used to work there so when he knew it's gonna open an outlet in lot one, he said he'll bring me there, so yeah, good boy kept his words. He swore by their aglio olio, claims that it was the best he've ever had and I believed him. Since you know, Oilio Cafe sells aglio olio so it should be good, sounds legit? Hell yeah it does.

I just recovered from my stomach flu back then and were still careful of what I eat, so for the à la carte we didn't order the usual fried food like calamari rings or wings. Instead, we ordered this Cesar Salad with Smoked Duck. I think it's one of the nicest smoked duck I've ever had! 4 thumbs up!

For the mains, of course I ordered Aglio Olio to see if its as good as what Jiarui claims. Sadly, it's not good at all. I mean it's not that bad, but it's just isn't good. I like that it's not dry like what Pastamania serves, but this does not taste as good as it seems and honestly, I was really disappointed. 

Jiarui knew the manager there and we found out from her that the chef that usually cooks this has knocked off already and I think she said something like the ingredients have also changed? Owells, just my luck for not having the chance to try the used-to-be savory Aglio Olio!

Jiarui orered this Curry Baked Rice and I liked it! Maybe, and most probably it's because of the prawns and the cheese. I'd kill for cheesy food! And prawns were really good. 3 thumbs up!

We didn't order any desserts there because I didn't felt like having anything there on the menu. Although the Chocolate Lava Cake did tempt me a little, I always don't trust restaurnts that serves them. I really expect lava out of my damn cake but most of the time it's just chocolate in your cake. I figured I have been cheated enough so I just told Jiarui that we'll get the desserts from the basement of Lot 1. 

Not surprisingly, we ended up at the dessert store hahaha, think its called Dessert Story or something. And I had strong craving for tang yuan. I do not know why, don't ask me why. I only know after I ate that, I went to NTUC Supermarket and got myself a packet of Sesame Tang Yuan so I can get enough of it at home. 

Here's my bowl of Tang Yuan, which are all hidden under the pool of peanut soup!

And my man ordered this Mixed Walnut and Sesame Paste. It's........disgusting. The sesame paste were ok, but the walnut paste is just disgusting. I never tried Walnut Paste before so I can't judge. I don't know what they taste like but if they taste like what I tasted, then Walnut Paste is never gonna make it up to my list of favorite food.

So anyway, you people staying in the west can head down to Lot 1 someday and have your breakfast(yes, they do have breakfast menu), lunch or dinner there! 
Olio Cafe is located at:

Lot One Shoppers' Mall
21 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, Singapore 689812
Unit: #01-05/06/07

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