Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Empire State @ Causeway Point

So once again, Jiarui bought me to good food! But this time I didn't let him pay. Figured that he spent at least a thousand or more on me for the past 1 year. It's time I should stop letting him pay and start paying for us. But yknow, guys being guys, I have to be mad at him for more than 20 mins before he gives in and let me foot the bill for this meal.

Sigh, that aside, here's the 2kg burger we had at Empire State! Not sure if it's the only restaurant that serves burger this big, but this is really huge, even for 2. We managed to finish the burger, but not the fries.
Too much of the fries is just sick.

Well, in case you need comparison, so here, burger : my face

I think it's not bad, the beef patty is really good! Juicy and full of flavors, just how I like patties to be! But I think Empire State got cheat abit. The burger bun is just as thick as the patty, it makes the burger look big but the fact is, only the bun is, the fillings are not enough. Well, at least for me. 

We didn't order any drinks, appetizers nor desserts because:

  1. My fav drink is not on the menu (Zesty mint kinda drink)
  2.  It was around 9 when we were seated, we were really hungry so we just decided to attack the mains instead of ordering small bites.
  3.  No desserts because the burger made us too full, and we missed the last order anyway.

So yeah, that's about it. And if you're wondering, the burger is $29.20 which means after you include the tax and service charges, it's $34 something. Not worth it if you ask me. 
I'd rather spend $10 on a BigMac meal with upsize and probably still get some change back. 

But don't get me wrong, the food is nice. If I were to rate it just for the taste, it'd be 4.5/5 but overall I think it's only 2/5. Not worth my money, too much fries, too little veg.

Ok anyway, I just wanted to post these pictures up because I think I look funny hahaha ok, actually to be shamelessly honest, I think I look quite cute. HAHAHA

I usually reach home, lie around the sofa for hours before I go take my shower, so that explains me still in the outfit I wore out. As for the hair, I always keep them away from my face once I'm at home. 

Not bad right, I actually look like I have double eyelids there right! I like!!!!! But sigh, I am one of the few unlucky girls to have single eyelids.......and I'm probably the only one girl who'd sit around  and whine about it rather than do something about it. Like makeup, double eyelids sticker, whatever.

You know how they say that "There's no ugly woman, only lazy woman"? Yeah, I'm living up to that. Probably the only achievement I have to date. 


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