Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dwarf bunnies

Hey there I'm on my way home now and since I've got nothing to do....I know it sounds stupid. How can someone who owns an iPhone has nothing to do hahaha but really, if my apps were in real life, they'll probably have dust on it already. Like 3cm haha.

Ok anyway I guess most of you are following me on twitter and already know I have this thought of keeping a bunny. I actually wanted it long ago bcos dogs are big no-no for me right now.

I don't like it when I don't have time to bring my dog for a walk, don't bring it out for a game of fetching and I don't like keeping it alone at home. Which will most likely happen if I get one.
Me and my family's schedule is hectic.

Not that I don't need to spend time with my bunny if I get one, just that everything will be easier based on past experience since I had a dog and a rabbit back then when I was living in woodlands!

So right now I've been doing research on bunnies and I really like dwarf bunnies! Ultra cute! I remember the pet shop at yewtee was selling it at one point of time but now it doesn't have it anymore. :(

If anyone has any idea where can I get dwarf bunnies in Singapore, can you please let me know? I'll be really grateful to you! And check out the price for me too hehe! The last time I checked, it was $300-$400 for a bunny.
Not sure about now though.

And in case you're wondering how dwarf bunnies looks like, I've found a couple pictures online. See the pictures for yourself and who knows, you might wanna get a bunny for yourself too!
Just too adorable!

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