Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Trip to Singapore Zoological Gardens

So I went to the zoo some time back when they had the 1-for-1 promotion. Can't remember the last time I went there and since it was on promotion, Jiarui and I decided to spend one of our free day there!

Even the tickets are special like that :)

Oh, this is scary. It seems like they beheaded the animals and put their heads on the signage. Tell me I'm not the only one who thinks that way. Tell me. HAHAHAH

Very sad facial expression. Guess he/she just missed a flight. HAHAHAH WHY I SO FUNNY.

Never knew Otters were so cute! Their name and their appearances has a big difference!!!! Awwwww.

White tiger that is not so amazing to me anyone, I have the fear of them jumping out and rip my body apart. It's the most active animal in the zoo, keep walk around and scanning the audience. Guess its' looking for the next delicious meal to savor.

And this guy that's feeding himself to mini crocodiles. Oh, I meant, he is feeding the mini crocodiles HAHAH

A fake kangaroo but I'm happy enough hahahah

Simply because a real kangaroo wouldn't take a glance back at me despite the sounds I made to catch it's attention. Kangaroo, just go back Australia k?!?! Angryxzcx.

The reliable live and portable GPS navigator aka le boyfriend. <3

The best companion!

Makes me so sad seeing this Rhino. It's so gloomy. Actually 8 out of 10 animals are gloomy there :(

Finally an active animal! Can't tell if it's leopard or cheetah. :/

Wanted to snap a pic w it but it went back to sleep and pictures turns out dark.WOW I must be friends with  bad luck Brian! :(

Zebra with almost perfect stripes it looked so fake. But they're real, and they're sad.

Very bitchy giraffe. Can't you tell it's posing? The suitable caption from the giraffe would be
'Bitch, look, I'm fabulous'

Dead lions.

Dead turtles.

My fav part! The goats!!!!!!!!!!!

Fed them some veg provided by the staffs and they way they rush to you when they see food, scary. But idk why they look so obedient in the picture below!

Hi stupid face <3

Jiarui has this weird thinking, always putting the food high up and make the goats stretch for it. His reason?
'Only the best deserve these food from me' -.-

And I spotted this cutie pie feeding baby goats!

Yknow what's the perfect caption for the picture below?

Kid: Awww my fav veg carrot! Lemme try it.....
Goat: Dafug?! That's my food, bitch!

HAHAHAH not bad right, anyone wants to hire me as their caption generator. I'm looking for a part time job now. I might consider if you pay me well haha!

That's all! To be honest, zoo isn't really exciting anymore. The animals are sad and lifeless because they're all caged's sad to see them like that but what can I do? Sigh sometimes I really wna be a hero and save them all but I can't. How leh? How do we make the animals in the zoo happier?

Suggestions pls send to my mail and we'll submit it together to the zoo! I'm serious!!!!!!!!!


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