Thursday, April 12, 2012

2nd last day of intern


Just felt the need to take pictures of myself before leaving house HAHAHA

Pictures below are edited with my new camera app! Really awesome because I can finally have flawless skin. Like I can finally feel pretty w/o makeup on.

Anyway tday is my 2nd last day of intern and I swear time just zoom by at the speed of light. I can still clearly remember the very first day I came into the company.

Sad to say, I'm not sad to leave EM Services at all because honestly, my stay there is.............idk how to put it in words but I just feel they don't value interns to the extend that they don't even gives us shit work to do. All we did for the past 6 weeks was secret shopping, sleep in office, take more than 1hr lunch break, come back and sleep again till its time to knock off.

I totally get it if they wanna let us slack and enjoy but I don't learn anything related to my course at all. Leisure and Business Facilities Management, all we do is sleep? LOL now idk if I should further my studies in uni in the course or take on something new.

But then again, with my limited brain capacity and unlimited lazy habits, entering into a local uni is a big challenge HAHAHAHA we shall see then. Next year, this time. Come back here and see where did I end up at ok? Haha! 

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