Friday, March 2, 2012

Intership FEB-APR 2012

So if you have been following m on twitter, my hype for these few days is on my intership at EM Services and they're actually a large company managing property and also have project and contract management!

What you see at lift lobby at ground floor. Say hello to this new intern from Ngee Ann Polytechnic's Leisure and Business Facilities Management!

Dressed smartly for day 1 which was not necessary since I knocked off before 3. I know right, such good life, where to find!

Day 2, got introduced to our job scope for the entire stay in the company. Shan't eleborate much on it since it's called Secret Shopping. Will only say and explain everything after intern is over! But basically we go 'shopping' and assess on the service done by respective incharge/officer. Coo shit, I know.

But before we actually start our secret shopping, we report for work at 0830 every morning and once we've reached, this is the usual sight at around 0850 HAHAHAH

Files for our ready references!

And the secret shopper file is missing bcos it's..........secret. Shhhhhhh.

The rest of the interns upoading their findings doing our secret shopping trip on thursday.

I really love the sight of seeing a neat and tidy workplace. And the attached paper of all the employee's in office is attached there conveniently too!

This is what I wore for day 2, hahahah my face is retarded.

This is the best part o my workplace, it's the pantry area! And they painted it orange hehe! Oh and in case you're wondering, there are 2 microwaves bcos one is for muslim use!

Our fav corner, biscuits corner!!!!!!!!!!

What we usually have in our room during breakfast/teatime. Did I mention that the cleaner actually prepares all these for us and bring it to our room? I know, it's like we're enjoying in a hotel rather than working in an office. The older lady that worked there actually asked if the standard is 4-star or 5-star upon seeing our relaxation hahahah!

Outfit for day 4! Office dress from jipaban! 

I kinda like the company slogan: Your property, our expertise!

Oh, just to share, my company is near Tiong Bahru Plaza so the first day we went there for lunch and found this froyo at the basement! Never heard of it before but it taste decent and it's just $2 for this cup! It's almost like the regular size of frolick. Toppings added will be charged only 50 cents! But the toppings were kinda boring and limited so yeah, the plain one did just fine for me.

Try it if you have the chance, I think $2 is really worth it :)

Okay, I have no other updates hahahaha will be back for more updates soon since I am quite free heh, and with the blogger app on iphone, it's so convenient for me to draft a post and publish it!

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