Sunday, March 25, 2012

Interesting things about me

Ok so firstly, I must admit I am becoming more shameless than ever, first I said I feel that I am pretty, then now I am declaring at my blog title INTERESTING THINGS ABOUT ME. Seriously if you ask me what have gotten into me, I can only answer you in 4 words - I really don't know.

But since I am bored and have ample time on my hands, I shall continue this shamless blog entry introducing all the interesting things about me. Hahahaha if you find it uninteresting, you're boring. Haha, just kidding!
My definition of interesting actually differs from the definition from


  [in-ter-uh-sting, -truh-sting, -tuh-res-ting]  Show IPA
engaging or exciting and holding the attention or curiosity:an interesting book.

That's what they define interesting as if you're keen to know my definition of interesting, please prepare some chips and a hot cup of choco + marshmallow and read on HAHAHAHAH

Ok let's start!

Interesting fact #1

I am half-Thai. Interesting not?! Did it WOW you? Actually if you're a follower of my blog for the past few years, this is no longer interesting to you anymore hahaha but I'm still gonna talk about it so if you want to save probably 3 mins of your time, please scroll down to #2 hahahah!

My mum's Thai while my dad's Singaporean. Long story of how they met so if you're keen, I'd post another entry on that but I doubt anyone would be keen. But then again, my dad's such a funny person the story of how their paths crossed must be amusing. Gosh, why am I so conrtadicting?!

So back to the point, I am half-Thai. I was born in Singapore but made in Thailand.

How did I know I was made there? My bro came over to Singapore 3 years after he was born, and the year my family moved to Singapore, I was born. No complicated calculations needed. I was definitely made there. People always tells me I look like my mother, who is Thai.
Problem is, people always claim that my bro look more like Thai.

I cannot fathom this and will not try to. I am half-Thai and I look half like Thai, so y'all stop telling me I don't look like a Thai when I look like my mum.

We look alike, no? Ok, here's another one 90% alike:
(You do not have to remind me that my face look like someone has pumped in air in it)

Ok the end. Move on!

Interesting fact #2

I have only a few good girlfriends :(

In my sec school life, I met the girl who has the greatest impact on my life. She was going through a rough patch and I was always there for me. She's such a strong girl and through all these years, her strong will and braveness have taught me alot. I'm just really glad I crossed path with her because right now, she's my fav girl, always and forever.

We don't have nice picture of us together, ok that was a lie, but I think the picture below just shows how our friendship really is.
(I now I don't look good here but this was like 2 or 3 years back. WE CHANGED.)


Reb, I know you read my blog sometimes, so this's one for you. I know you love me.

And right now in poly, I have met some annoying *ahem* nice girls :)

BALA! K serious. She's Bayla but we used to always tease her by calling her Bala. I miss you Bayla :'(

Here's the careless Ain, forever kena nag and forever whining. I love you, don't ever forget that. There are plenty of people out there who cares for you. Be happy!

And the cutest yeye! I don't know why, I just love being around her. So nice to have someone who always agree to your stupid plan to disturb others. Even when we failed, we still laugh. Gosh, talking about it now makes me miss the times I had in Outward Bound with the rest. :'(

Ok this is getting too emotional for me, I no longer participate in their outings and trainings because........I don't know why either. And we kinda drifted apart. But whenever I see them, my smile is still wide and we hugged each other really tight because for me, I really miss their presence.

I guess maybe, I should return to Ngee Ann Outward Bounders where it gives us all the feeling of home and the incredible journey of adventure.

I have to end this post here, I need to go and cry. Too emotional.
I promise to be back with interesting fact #3 soon.

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