Thursday, March 29, 2012

Every Thursday

Hello yellow pretty fellows!
It rhymes hahaha my English is damn good I know hahaha shameless x3.

Gna head down to school because DE is having FOC now and it's kinda fun hehe I like the dance!!!!

But well, couldn't stay over because I have intern.'s ok. I'll still have fun hehe sorry I have no idea what I am saying because I just woke up and I'm typing this entry on my bed with one eye closed. LOL

Maybe I should stop talking hahaha I've made 628193062574 typo but thankfully I've got my iPhone auto correct HAHAHA. I don't know why is this funny to me.

Ok I should stop. Here's what I wore to work ytd! Damn cool I know. Everyone was asking why I could dress that way. Heh. Imma secret shopper ;)

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