Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

I hope everyone had a good time with their loved ones, even if you didn't, there's the rest of the year for you to spend time with them. So chin up and smile! :)

Jiarui had his FYP presentation scheduled at 10.40AM on Valentine's Day itself so I went to school to had breakfast with him and studied a bit while waiting for him to be done.

This is what we did out of boredom while waiting for xiaojie to finish his presentation bcos I promised to help him look after his belongings while he's up.


Look on his face: Potential wife abuser
Look on my face: Potential bullied by husband

I realised 9 out of 10 pictures we took are with goofy faces. I don't know why we can't take a sweet and proper picture together. HAHAHAH


Headed to cine bcos we gotta catch 'We not naughty' and I gotta say the movie is damnnnn good! Got me laughing the whole time and it was quite touching too. Worth the money! :)

Had Best Fries Forever to snack on. We chose Gusto Garlic bcos we tried Wow wow west the other time, which I think is the best so far. The rest is nay~

After movie we went for dinz at Din Tai Fung, YAY XIAO LONG BAO!

My fav face <3


They actually served us hot tea when we were seated and we thought it was complimentary until in the middle of our meal, we saw that we were charged $2. No la, we were not so cheapskate to argue to have the $2 waived off. We drank to our hearts' content. Hell yeah free flow!

I kept signalling to the waiter to refill my drink, fav boy thinks we drank more than half of the pot's tea HAHAHAHA ok, my money is well spent. 

Some pok with veg dumping but thing is, I only taste veg and it taste kinda bad. Had to dip it with soya sauce every mouth then rinse the taste off with my $2 hot tea.

Here's the legendary xiao long bao but I kinda prefer Crystal Jade's xiao long bao to Ding Tai Fung's and Crystal Jade has XLB buffet which is more worth it! But their xiao long bao taste decent :)

Before eating I told Jiarui that every xiao long bao has a specific number of folds on it and he really counted it while I watched him do it like a fool. Then after he found out, he attempted to murder me, k not funny. He just gave me the -.- face.

After eating a few more xiao long bao(s), I told him I managed to suck the soup out from the top where there's a opening and gave him the this-is-so-cool face. Then he proceed to suck the soup out while I sat there laughing at him being such a retard. 

God, I love my boyfriend.

 Kinda forgot the name of this dish but it's something like prawn dumpling is chicken broth sauce? It's damn good, bcos I like prawns HAHAHAH

And then this so so beef noodles, I like the noodles but the rest were just not good enough. I find that the beef taste wasn't strong enough to make the soup good.

Wanted to settle our dessert there as well but figured we'll go honeymoon dessert instead bcos Din Tai Fung didn't really win us with their food.

Here's our mini mochi mango sago with vanilla ice cream! Ikr, so sinful. Like putting 10kg on ourselves. But I always feel good after eating good food. What? Guilty? Exercise? What's that? HAHAHA

Went to Robinson's to get a wallet for my dad as his vday present. Saw the coin comparment of his wallet torn off badly the other day and he's still using it. Can't figure if he don't bear to buy himself a wallet or don't have the time to get himself one, so I got it for him instead. And I think the one up there is rewarding me for being such a nice and filial daughter, it was on 20% discount :)

Gave him a card as well, written with mixed chinese and english bcos I didn't know how to write 'the times', 'forgive', 'forever' 'filial', 'although' in chinese LOL MAJOR FAIL but I got to see him smile while reading it and everthing was just worth it. 

Here's my old man opening his present up:

Told him I wanna take Polaroid with him and he went to dig out his beanie and worn it over his head, and asked 'Like that take picture will look like I got hair hor?' LOL MY DAD :')

Gave him the polariod and forced him to put it in his new wallet hehe!
This man is not just any other man, this man was my first love, my hero and this man loved me for 19 years and counting :')


That's the end of my 14th Feb 2012! Jiarui and I didn't really celebrate it bcos of our studies but we just wanted to spend time together. It's so funny how I told him we don't need to celebrate so he didn't get me anything(which I didn't mind at all), then we walked around town and all I see is the girls with two hands had one holding their bf's hand and the other holding a bouquet of flowers.

Then I started being a bitch and complain how others have it and I don't have. That poor boy was so annoyed he almost left me alone to go get one for me hahahaha but we all know how flowers are horribly overpriced on Valentine's Day so I stopped him, smiled and told him I don't want any.
Then the next moment, some girl with flowers walked past us and I started it all over again hahaha I swear being my boyfriend is one of life's toughest task. That's why I think I have a strong boyfriend, heh :)

Anyway, found this in my phone the other day, this alien is none other than Jiarui


And when you think you've seen the worst, think again










This is yours truly.


Sometimes I think our face like that, how we even manage to fall in loe with each other. Then this picture reminded me: we have the couple face LOL


Ok that is all, bye!

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