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Omy blogger event: Greenwich V Grand Opening Carnival - 10 Feb

Hey there you humans! Today's entry will be full of goodies teehee! I went to the Grand Opening for Greenwich V on Friday withe the courtesy of and the Far East team . In case you don't know, Greenwich V is a new mall operated by the Far East group.

I know the picture below is not really clear but I didn't manage to take a picture of Greenich V myself so I had to get this online :(

But I'm not totally useless because I snapped this awesome picture after all the excitement!

We were told to be there at 7PM, we did. We walked around to explore and I kinda had my expectation too high because I thought it'll be like the next Vivo or Nex. Turns out Greenwich V is just a small mall but don't belittle this small place because it's packed with good food!

We were kinda hungry so when this staff working at Empire State(one of the restaurant in Greenwich V) passed me this flyer on their promotion, I wanted to walk in and just dine there but the mall was just too happening with all the hip music and buzzling crowd. I just had to explore all the booths before eating and boy, I made the right choice.

Turns all there were free food for all and I ended up queuing for it and totally forgot about my Empire State dinner HAHAHA

The queue was sooooo long so that explains the picture below HAHAHAH and to explain the poor quality of the picture, it was taken by my phone. 

It was full of people and there's hardly any seats in sight! I spotted this and Jiarui was telling me how this looks like something people can sit on.
I was like 'dude, this IS something we can sit on'
Until he shows me that it's actually a fountain or whatever you call it. That's right, I was trolled. 

Here's a closer look:

Halfway when I was queuing, we realised there were many queues for many types of food so fast so we kinda split up and Jiarui got this laksa from toastbox hehehe thumbs up! 
I like how they were generous with their portion of food. 

And here's the help-yourself-to-as-much-as-you-can part. This is when you see everyone unleashed the Singaporean-ness in them. I didn't.(lie) Jiarui did(lie again) 

There were smoked salmon and all those good food I didn't expect! Sorry we had to be fast in getting the food because there were many people behind us, so I was moving quite fast in the line so not much photo was taken.

There was even chef explaining to you about their food. Well done. Impressive!

Here's what we got. Probably don't look tasty to you but they ARE tasty! Well, to be honest, not all were tasty. I only liked the salmon, prawn cake, sausages and beef stew. The rest were just like, take one bite, spit out one bite. Yeah, they were that bad.

Somehow we feel bad for taking the food and not finishing it so we forced it down our throat anyway. Doesn't look good to see someone throw their plate full of food into the bin isn't it.

Of course, there were the good part and bad part. I just mentioned the bad, let's move on to the good shall we? Yay to free Cold Stone ice-cream!

Fav boy chose Chocolate mint and I got choco for myself. I know, I'm sucha boring person. But I figured it doesn't matter as long there's exciting people around me making my boring life a lil' exciting right? So glad Jiarui chose choco mint, it's just sooooo good! 

We're young at heart, we took the dry ice out and attempted to make the smoke come out fast and furious at Greenwich V. HAHAHA

And that's not all, we were offered green apples from Greenwich V! 

And we also queued for berrylite froyo just because I'm a sucker for frozen yoghurt.

There were entertaintment and fun with the emcees and that's Vernetta Lopez! I remember growing up watching her on Channel 5 series: Under One Roof. 

They were actually giving out vouchers to those who can answer their questions which were all GREEN.

Fav boy and I knew the answers to some question but there were many kids who beat us to it by running up to the stage. But it's nice to see all these cute and smart kids smile after they got the answer right.

We decided to leave after the programme was over and I think I took quite a nice shot below teehee! In case you wanna know, Greenwich V offers residents a variety of F&B outlets, shopping and lifestyle services including Cold Storage, Guardian, 7-Eleven, Kopitiam, Paradise Inn, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and Toastbox. Oh, and how could I forget to mention gong cha for all you bubble tea fans out there!

On the bus back to Yio Chu Kang MRT, which is just less than 10mins away!

Here's the map:

And if you're worried of getting lost, no worries! There are complimentary shuttle bus services to Yio Chu Kang MRT stations and Fernvale LRT station! For more information, go to:

Goodie bag by Greenwich V :)

Just to show how good the goodie bag were, here are some awesome thing given to the bloggers! Kinda dissapointed they didn't give it to our partners though.

Here's the satisfied face after spending my Friday night at Greenwich V. Photo was taken by phone again so yeah, don't complain about the quality k?

LOL JK, here's one decent(I think) photo of me w/o makeup because I had school in the morning and I usually don't have to motivation to wake up an hour earlier to make myself look prettier.
Somehow I feel trimmed eyebrow + enlarged contacts + lip balm is enough.

Ok that is all folks, go head down to Greenwich for a simple evening with your loved ones. Perfect place for dinning then shop for groceries together as a family. Till then! 

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