Friday, February 10, 2012

Like a boss

The other day I was in school and I don't remember what I did or say to Edwin and he's like: "You damn act cute."

I know I'm supposed to say something like: "I no need act, I naturally cute" right? But that's just so Singaporean. So not me.

Because I'm half-Singaporean hahaha isn't it funny! K, not funny.

Main point is I didn't reply him the way any other people will. I just said: "You think I actually cute one right, but only because you seldom see me like thatso you say I act cute. Because if I really act cute and not cute you'll say I'm disgusting. But you did not. You said I'm acting cute instead."

He replied: "Your theories always weird weird one"

But deep down, I know and I believe that he thinks I'm cute.

So next time someone tells you you very act cute, they really mean you are cute when you're doing that.

When they tell you you're disgusting, you can choose to believe in yourself that you're actually very cute or don't try to act cute ever again because you're very disgusting. HAHAHA


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