Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Find My iPhone

If you've been following me on twitter, you should've read about the sad incident of my loss of iPhone. I know right, it've not even been with me for a year. :(

Here's the story;

I went to the first level of toilet at AMK hub and left my phone in one of the cubicle and like 10 mins after I realized my phone wasn't with me. So then I rushed to back to the toilet and search the entire place. If only I knew how to open the sanitary bin I'll surely flip over everything inside.
Obviously it wasn't there anymore.

Then I went to open the cleaner's room. Rude, I know. But I wasn't thinking, I just want my iPhone back. I asked the cleaner, she said no. And she claimed she've changed shift so the previous cleaner has already left. Fuckadoodle. 

I went to the information counter and asked, the ladies there were not really helpful and I was kinda pissed. I wanted to speak to the cleaner supervisor but they said that they'll ask for me instead. Dafuq?! 
I don't get the rationale behind this. I don't have the rights to speak to a person whom I suspect that his/her employee took something that belonged to me?

Anyway there isn't anything much I could do so I filed a police report. Actually I was reluctant to, bcos lodging a report can't make any difference since the police have no means to track down my iPhone. Oh, have I mentioned that I can call through my phone the entire time when my phone was missing?
If it was stolen, the person would off my phone or reject the calls but no, this stupid person just let my phone ring.

You know why? Bcos it's a stupid old aunty cleaner who took it and didn't know how to off it simply bcos iPhone works entirely different from a normal phone.

That evil old cleaner aunty just let my phone be switched on and happily bring it home for her son/daughter to switch it off and use instead. You know what aunty? I know you're old, so I hope you'll live till a ripe old age. But of course there'll be consquences to py for taking what's not yours right? So I hope your whole family die.

Because cursing you to die is just letting you off too easily. When your whole family die, you'll suffer, then you'll feel what I feel now. And thing is, you can't do anything. Because you'll live long.

Comparing the pain of losing your whole family might not be fair as compared to the pain I had for losing by iPhone but I paid for that iPhone with my own hard-earned money.
Freaking $1000 worth of value. Not a single cent was from my parents, and you took it away from me just like that. So fuck you alright? Fuck you.

Sigh and the police couldn't do much unless the smart alec who took my phone decided to sell it away then, they can track it using the IMEI# I'm just really upset I could lose something so important to me.

I know I can just blame everything on that stupid old cleaner aunty but I can't and I don't want to. Because it was partly my fault. I left it there. I was careless. I didn't check before leaving. I have to accept the fact that it was lost due to my irresponsibility and have to just face the consequences.

Well, take it as a lesson learnt. Guess the next 2-months of intern pay would be spent on getting a new phone bcos as always, I refuse to take my parent's money anymore since I've turned 18. Tough, but I kinda brought it upon myself.

To those to have a iPhone, I only learnt today that you can download an app called 'Track my iPhone' which can do wonders if you ever *touchwood* loose your iPhone.
So go download it now if you haven't! That's all from me.......bye!

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