Saturday, February 4, 2012


Hi there, I'm only here because I'm waiting for my video to finish buffering before I can watch it. I'm watching white collar now by the way! Awesome show, but prison break is still number one in my heart.

Vampire diaries is great too but there was a hiatus period so that explains why I started watching white collar! Anyway I am now officially underweight. My dad's so worried, he've been literally feeding me oil whenever I.m having my meals at home. Its unhealthy, but necessary. I can't stay at 44kg. I need to be 48kg.

We all know things need to be done one step at a time, so I'll aim to gain 1kg this week by gorging on food. If you see me, don't hesitate to treat me to a meal. Remember, I need it. This way, you do a good deed by making me fall under healthy and acceptable weight range while I earn a free meal.
Win-win solution, best for us.

Keep that in mind, a meal for me.
My show is playing now so goodbye!

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