Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fooooooood ^^

Once upon a time I went to had this w Jiarui and it was worth it :)

I laughed at this interesting napkins they have over at The Manhattan Fish Market.

Order side dishes and this was damnnnnn good. Forgotten the name but it's something like Garlice Herb Mussels I think.

There's even freshly baked banquette for us to dip into our garlic herb sauce! (Y)

And here is our main dish. The fish wasn't so cheesy though. I was expecting it to be ful of cheese when I cut them apart but no, it isn't.

Disgusting boy likes his fries with tar tar sauce, cheese and chilli dip.

After having our lunch, we walked around town and then decided to go to bugis and squeeze. We gave up after awhile and headed to somewhere for a rest.

Guess where we ended up at? The Soup Spoon. I can't stop eating whenever I'm out with Jiarui! The past were better bcos he needed to watch his diet due to napfa but now that he's napfa is over, we're gorging food into our stomach like we've never eaten before. I know, this is bad.

Roasted wasabi beef sandwhich I think hahahah and my fav salad.

And then our all-time fav velvety mushroom soup!

And how could we forget the best tasting ice lemon tea from them?

And after resting for a long time there, I went home and my dad offered to cook me noodles with the crabs he caught in the sea during the noon. Sigh, idk why I just can't resist food.

But this is the best crab vermicelli I've eaten! My dad must have added some addictive drugs to this bcos I kept pestering him to go on yatch with his friends to catch more of these crabs for me.

Are y'all salivating? Hehehehe don't jealous, I'll show you more food when I'm back again, till then! :)

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