Tuesday, January 3, 2012

70 cent from mama shop

My dad passed me new toothbrush few weeks ago bcos he says it's time I should get a new one, so I did.

But the brush was so damn hard and it hurts my gum so much it got swollen. No, I do not have sensitive gums or whatsoever the toothbrush was god damn hard like a brick. K, I bluff. Not that hard but still it got my gum swollen. >:(

Told my dad and he said it was MY problem and not his toothbrush problem. -.-

The pain was so unbearable, each night it was like the movie SAW over and over again, with me in pain and my gums bleeding. So I decided to do something about it. I bought myself a toothbrush.

Yep, it was 70 cents as you read from my blog title. It's so soft and so small my gums feels so loved as though it's been coax with tender loving care.

Wna see my new and awesome 70 cents toothbrush? Here you go!

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