Saturday, January 7, 2012

The 3 men

I know I have irregular frequency of updating my blog hahaha but still, I'd never leave this place. So don't worry! Hahaha.

Anyway I'm sick and actually it's none of your business so idk why am I telling you this HAHAHA.

Ok, I've got pictures of this day where Jiarui bought salmon up my place an my dad whipped up dinner w his salmon. Damn good although there were only 2 dishes.

We had raw salmon slices marinated w my dad secret recipe (hahaha lame) and grilled salmon skin on potato garnished with tomatoes. I didn't know salmon skin tasted sooooo good.

Then as usual, my dad and bro was being competitive to see who have the biggest biceps. It's obvious my dad is the one who'll win if they were to have arm wrestling but my bro will never acknowledged that fact bcos he don't wanna believe that he's actually lousier than an old man who is in his 50s. Haha!

Anyway here are the pics of my dinner w the 3 men that night!

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