Monday, December 5, 2011

The Making of Shepherd's Pie

Did some shopping for groceries way back when I was having holidays and wanted to whip up something nice for my very pitiful bf bcos I can't cook, I don't clean my room, I basically don't behave like a sweet and lovely gf who dotes and take care of him hahaha sometimes I treat him like a slave.

To redeem myself and reward him for being a good bf so far, I decided to make Shepherd's pie(my all time fav) and of cos he helped a little but the recipe is MINE so when the food is nice, the credit still goes to ME.

 Ingredients you'll need:
1 small box of milk (Not shown in pic cos I already had it at home)
1 can of Cambell soup (I used cream of mushroom)
4-5 medium sized potatoes
1 packet of shredded cheddar cheese (I used the best combination of red and white)
1 packet of frozen mixed vegetables
300g of beef (Alternatively, you can use chicken/turkey/pork)

You can skip this step of picking the green peas out cos both fav boy and I dislike peas hahaha

Look at the bin hahaha I know it's wasting of food but yeahhhhhhhh :/

Next we put our peeled and diced potatoes into the steamer which I think is faster and easier as compared to boiling it.

Drain the excessive water from the potatoes!

My fav part: Preparing the mashed potatoes mainly bcos I can keep scooping the mashed potato into my mouth hahaha!
Pour in 3-4 tablespoon of milk and add in salt and pepper to taste.
Note: You need ALOT of salt and pepper for this!

My boy prefer mashing them together by hand but I don't like it bcos the potaoes are still hot so you gotta be fast in mashing them together before the heat gets too hot and hurt your hand!

Leave the mashed potatoes aside and prepare for the next part, frying the meat.
Diced a clove of small onion and garlic, it takes away the meat smell from the beef and adds extra flavor!

Fry the garlic and small oinon till it's slightly brown then add in your frozen veg followed by beef.

 Once the meat is slightly cooked, add in your Campbell soup!

The mixture should be thick and NOT watery. Simmer for around 5 mins.

Transfer it into the bowl(or tray if you're preparing for a party with lots of people) and let it cool for awhile. If you add your mashed potato when the meat is still hot, your mash potato will most likely combine with the meat and won't taste as great.

 Spread the mash potatoes evenly

Add yout cheddar cheese, you don't have to go easy here. The more cheese, the better. We used up the whole packet hahaha!

Impromptu decision to add in sliced cheese that you'd usually eat with bread. Conclusion? Get that cheese in there too if you're trying this out it taste so good together with cheddar cheese!

All set in the oven ready to go! We set the timer at 15 mins but check it every 5 mins to make sure it doesn't burn bcos this step is to actually just melt the cheese since your mash potato and meat is already cooked.

 Starting to melt and at this stage I was already salivating!

Just look at the cheese! It tasted so good that we scooped up and eat it, we just couldn't let this good food do into waste.

The finished product, I know it's not the expected golden brown but it's still somewhere along the line isn't it!

Have fun making this! Great for picnic and potluck for any gathering.
I'm so gonna make it soon hehe!

Ps: I hope you didn't realised how I mentioned I wanted to make this for Jiarui but he ended up doing all the work while I was snapping away.

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