Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

Was working but still managed to spend time with all my loved ones except one that was at Malaysia having fun with her family and loverboy. But it was perfect though, bcos she came back real soon and we still had our gift exchange!

So here, my Christmas for 2011. There are still some pictures in DSLR that my bro refuse to upload bcos he says it's better to upload all the photos at one go -.-

Had Nasi Bryani(?) at 313 hahahha I know having wrong food on wrong occasion but we just had that craving for it so we went to have it at Food Republic.

As usual, we either take picture before our food comes or we take it after having our food bcos we need to sit a lil' longer for the food to digest abit before leaving. 

And my boy looks good here, I like (Y)

And there, Christmas gifts I've recieved! :)

This was from Reb and her sis tried to bluff me and said 'Yknow she sew the words up one?' HAHAHA so cute right! The words are printed on and she didn't know that haha! 

Oh, and got my boy this x'mas log cake bcos he says he never had one before/never celebrated Christmas before. This is from Polar cakes and well, it was so so. 

My fav fruit tarts from Prima Deli! 

Look what my bro got me.

And he think it suits it. Why? 
See the picture below.

This damn funny looking soft toys.
Elmo's trying to be Hello Kitty and vice versa.

Random insertion of my picture HAHAHA

Fossil watch for Christmas! 

Fav girl got me this x'mas stocking for santa to give me presents.
Cute max although I highly suspect it's from Daiso HAHAHA.

She's so sweet and thoughful to put goodies inside for me all bcos I told her I didn't believe in Santa :')

Estee Lauder nude lipstick from lil' aunt! I like!

From parents :)

From cousins :)

Fav boy's :)

This is da SHIT. Shall blog about this in another entry.
World's most disgusting but interesting jelly beans.

Fav girl made me x'mas card and hehehe she said I'm pretty. Never bluff hor.
Got evidence. See?

I think this Christmas 2011 was perfect although I missed celebrating it with my fav girl. We still met up when she got back and kinda got crazy and laughed till our cheeks were sore over the videos.
Thank you to everyone who've been a part of this wonderful x'mas :)

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