Wednesday, December 7, 2011

9AM @ Raffles Place

One thing I like about Wednesday is that my class starts at 1pm but this wed I had to be up freaking early bcos there was a compulsory site visit for my class at Raffles Place. What is this?!

But at least this site visit helped me a little here and there bcos I get to see the building I am going to build in reality.

I am assigned to build a model of Ocean Financial Building in my module called Building Construction. Why the hell I study Building Construction when my course is Leisure and Business Facilities management? Four words.
I don't know why.

But amazingly I find it interesting hahaha no idea if it's the lecturer who could get my attention during every lecture or I have the bangala in me that is interested in construction.

Anyway I've got pictures of what we did at the insanely early hours at 9-11am when I could be sleeping.

Ps: No picture of my face or classmate's bcos we look extremely good in the morning after waking at 7am so we decided not to take pictures in case people fall deeper in love with us. Kthxbye.

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