Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Need to gain weight

Hi world I'm back. And I need help.

I need people to tell me how to grow FAT. Serious I need to put on some weight bcos my aunts, friends and people I haven't seen in awhile said I've slimmed down. Which is not a good thing bcos I'm underweight. I know I don't look underweight but yes I am and  I want to be in the acceptable weight range.

I gorge food all the time and have at least 4 meals a day. My dad is annoyed at how much weight I lost and he says if I don't gain back my weight by next year, he's gonna put fertilizer in my food when he cooks for me.
He claims that his plants grow faster than me bcos of those fertilizer.

Something tells me if I don't grow fatter I might eat fertilizer for the rest of my life.
Save me, somebody?

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